Great projector for the ultimate cinema experience


Lightweight, portable, fits in pocket

1080p resolution, sharp images

Android/iOS Compatibility

Prima Projector is your ultimate media partner!

Prima projector is a portable mini projector on the market. It gives a great cinematic experience with the latest features.

The Prima projector can cast cinema-quality video from 30 inches to 200 inches on any surface. You can use Prima for YouTube videos, Netflix movies, sports or gaming. It supports 1080p HD quality, making movies more entertaining, sports more exciting and gaming more realistic!

What do you get in the box?

After purchasing the Prima Projector, you will receive the projector, remote control, HDMI cable, power cable, FREE tripod and carrying case (2021 New Years exclusive deal) in the box.

Prima projector features:

Design and portability:

This versatile mini projector is small in size, just like an iPhone, lightweight (188 grams) and small enough to fit in a pocket, briefcase or purse. You can easily take it anywhere when traveling and it can also be used outdoors.

Prima projector has 4X brightness for clearer image quality. There are 200 ANSI lumens that deliver clear, sharp pictures in all lighting conditions.

It has automatic keystone angle adjustment that delivers the perfect screen angle and images regardless of the projection surface. Advanced gravity sensors detect the projector’s level to a fraction of a degree, so you can place the projector on uneven surfaces and always get a straight, clear image.

Connectivity & Casting:

Prima Projector has its own Android-powered 64-bit quad-core processor, 8 GB of internal memory. You can access the Google Play Store and download and stream apps directly from Prima.

You can connect it to a smart TV. Prima Projector supports WVGA (640 x 480) to Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. With a Prima Projector you can cast movies, Netflix, presentations, photos, videos, games. You can also sync your devices and control your media with screen sharing.

The Prima beamer can be connected via bluetooth and wifi. You can use the projector with its simple touch controls. Thanks to the wireless link, devices can be connected quickly and easily. You can connect the Prima projector to phones, tablets, computers, Apple TV, game consoles and more.

Prima projector is equipped with 2x USB, HDMI, TF, Micro SD, headphone jack and DC5V. You can connect and connect it to any device.


It has built-in dynamic hi-fi speakers. Prima loudspeakers deliver a clear and balanced sound reproduction. Of course, you can connect your speakers, headphones via Bluetooth for a more satisfying sound experience if you want.


Prima projector comes with 3 hours of video playback and 30 hours of audio playback. You can keep it plugged in for uninterrupted playtime.

Prima Projector Price and Warranty:

The Prima projection is priced at $799, but you can get it for $399 on a limited time offer. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

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