Groceries You Shouldn’t Buy at Walmart or Target

We are seeing a steady rise in prices for many commodities, such as food, gas and silicon used for electronics.

According to the USDA, food prices were 8.8% higher in March 2022 than in March 2021. Everything from eggs to meat to produce has risen in price. And it doesn’t look like this will change anytime soon. Tap or click here for our report.

In general, stores like Walmart and Target are great for canned and packaged goods, but some other things can fall short. You’re better off shopping at a grocery store to save money and get only top-quality products for things like produce, organic goods, and staples.

Not always a great value at Walmart?

People love Walmart and loyal shoppers trust that they will always get the best prices there. Like many big brand stores, Walmart has its own label: Great Value. While the quality is comparable to products from other brand names, the price is not always lower.

When it comes to taste and quality, that’s entirely up to you. Food news website Mashed conducted an investigation of store brands for which the supermarket has the worst private label, and Walmart was bottom with almost 26% of the vote.

Don’t get your products from Walmart

A retail juggernaut like Walmart won’t be as selective as a smaller supermarket when it comes to produce. You will usually see lower quality fruits and vegetables at higher prices than you would pay elsewhere.

You can expect organic fruits, vegetables, and dairy to be more expensive than non-organic products, but at Walmart, you’ll pay even more. According to a Kiplinger article, you’ll find lower prices at Aldi and Trader Joe’s.

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Find these sweet staples elsewhere

Maple syrup is one of the most expensive products in a supermarket by volume. Making the sweet sticky stuff is a long and costly process. Walmart touts its maple syrup even higher.

The same goes for vanilla extract. Those little bottles aren’t cheap, and you’ll pay more at Walmart.

Avoid impulse purchases of snacks

At other stores you are generally cheaper for snacks. Whether it’s cookies or chips, if you feel a snack attack coming on, don’t start filling your cart at Walmart. You can find better prices on Oreos at a local grocer.

Do you get beef elsewhere?

Walmart’s vast selection means you can get everything you need in one trip. Who wants to go to multiple stores? While some prices at Walmart are lower, this isn’t true for everything, especially meat and fish.

You are paying for meat cut offsite, not in the store itself. It will be hard to find a butcher at Walmart. And the quality of the meat and poultry isn’t great, according to a research by Consumer Reports

Finally, check the unit prices

Wherever you shop, look for the unit price, which can be measured in fluid ounces, ounces, and pounds. This gives you a better idea of ​​the value of a product. For example, you might pay more for a larger package, but less per unit than you would for a smaller package.

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