Here you can try to guess every Wordle puzzle you missed

Have you managed to continue your winning streak in the hugely popular Wordle game? Millions of people around the world try to guess the daily puzzle, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes the answer seems obvious, but the letters entered are wrong.

You only get six attempts to guess the five-letter word. Once they’re exhausted, you’ll have to wait for the next puzzle to appear. But surely there must be a way to get more Wordle into your life.

Fortunately there is. Read on to find out how you can go back to past puzzles and try to crack them.

Here’s the backstory

Wordle has become hugely popular over several weeks, with as many as 3 million people playing the first weekend of January. The daily puzzle has been so appealing to many that the New York Times paid an undisclosed price in the low seven figures to acquire it.

The future of the free-to-play Wordle in its current form is uncertain, as the New York Times offers several other word games on a subscription basis. However, if you’re concerned that the game won’t be free for much longer, there’s a way to get your fix now.

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Developed by Duke University student Devang Thakkar, the Wordle archive is exactly what it sounds like.

Thakkar likes to play Wordle, but was annoyed that he couldn’t go back to try again or play if he missed a day. Then the idea of ​​the Wordle archive came to him. a PhD student, he used open source tools to design the back catalog.

Playing Older Wordle Puzzles

The Wordle archive functions as the official webpage, but it has a few tweaks to set it apart. The black background has been replaced by a cooler gray and there is a menu at the top.

NOTE: To start playing the Wordle archive, click the X in the top right corner of the landing page where you will find instructions.

Then you will see a row of options at the top of the page. There you can access the games you missed. This is what the page looks like:

There is a trick, however, as the games are not sorted by publication date. Instead, each Wordle puzzle has a number and you must select the game number to play that day’s puzzle.

Tapping the First button will take you to the very first Wordle puzzle. Select Last, and you will go to the most recent puzzle. The Back button takes you to the puzzle that came just before the puzzle. The Next button will take you to the next puzzle of the one you are sitting on.

If you’re lucky, let fate choose a random puzzle by pressing the Choose button and selecting Random. Or you can choose a number from the drop-down menu when you tap the Dial button. Have fun!

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