How to change your eBay username

If you’ve changed your identity or just want to use a different name, you can easily change your eBay username. We’ll show you how to do that for your account.

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What you need to know when changing your eBay username

When you change your username, eBay will display your new username across the platform. Your account information and feedback score will be transferred to your new name.

If you’re creating a new username, make sure it’s at least six characters long. It can contain letters, numbers and some symbols. However, you cannot add a space or any of the following characters to your username: @, &, ‘, (, ), <, >

Also keep in mind that you can only change your eBay username once every 30 days.

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Update your eBay username

To start the username change process, open a web browser on your device and launch the eBay Place. Log into your account on the site.

Hover your cursor over your name in the top left corner of eBay. Then click on ‘Account Settings’ in the menu that opens.

A ‘My eBay’ page will open. Here, in the ‘Personal Information’ section, click on ‘Personal Information’.

On the ‘Personal information’ page, next to ‘Username’, click ‘Edit’.

Your “Username” field is now editable. Click on this field, type in the new username of your choice and then click on ‘Save’.

And that’s all. Your eBay username has now been changed and this new name will be used from now on.

Consider setting up two-factor authentication to protect your eBay account. It prevents unauthorized users from accessing your account.

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