How to Get 10% Off Apple Purchases When You Need a New iPhone, Mac, or iPad

(Updated on 24/01/2022 – After Apple reported closing the student discount loophole last week, the company has changed course. You can still take advantage of the student discount program without proof that you are a student.)

Tech giant Apple has been offering discounts to students and teachers on some devices for a long time. For 10% off the regular price, you’ve only indicated that you currently meet the eligibility criteria. Tap or click here for the best Apple gadgets and accessories to gift or add to your wish list.

Without requiring you to prove your enrollment or employment institution, it left the education discount open to exploitation. While there’s no telling how much money Apple lost out, it’s reasonable to assume it was significant.

It’s no surprise that the company has quietly done something about it. Apple is now cracking down on full price evaders by abolishing the honor system.

Here’s the backstory

Customers should visit the Apple Store Education website to buy something through the program. Verification of current and newly accepted university students and teachers was not previously required, and a successful purchase can get you 10% off your bill.

But as he went through the recommended process, a Reddit user noted that Apple had made some changes. It seems that prospective buyers for educational purposes have to verify their registration in recent days.

Here’s who can qualify for the discount:

University studentsStudents admitted to universityParents buy for university studentsTeachers and teaching staff at all levels

Customers are also limited in the number of devices they can purchase. The discount only applies to one desktop, one Mac mini, one laptop, two iPads and two accessories per year.

What can you do about it?

If you’re sure you qualify for the discounts, the Apple Store Education website is the place to be. But you must verify your eligibility through UNiDAYS, which Apple has implemented as a security check.

To complete the process, you will need a personal email address from the institution or a student card issued by the institution. Here’s how:

Create an account with UNiDAYS.Fill in the details and include the university or school you attend. Upload your student ID to be verified or wait for a verification email from UNiDAYS.

When your student card verification is cleared, you can purchase select Apple products.

It’s good to remember that Apple products aren’t the only devices you can get at a discount. The UNiDAYS platform offers students discounts on various products, devices and services.

Here are some of the tech deals currently available:

Amazon Music for 99 cents for 3 months.20% off Ultimate Ears Bluetooth SpeakersUp to 25% off select Logitech productsUp to $400 off select Dell PCsSelect Samsung devices are available with up to 30% off

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