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Josh Hendrickson

After years of begging, Wyze Cam owners finally got a desktop web viewer in December 2021. But its essential function is hidden behind a monthly Cam Plus Subscription, much to the chagrin of us penny-pinchers. Don’t worry, we’ve found a solution that lets you view your Wyze Cam feed in Windows 11 for free.

This solution is a lot easier than you might expect. In fact, it’s so simple it’s kind of silly: Wyze lets you view your camera feed in its Android app for free, so we’re just going to sideload that Android app to Windows 11. Yeah, you’re going to miss all that fancy Cam Plus- features and the cozy desktop web viewer, but at least you’ll save money!

Sideloading Android apps to Windows 11 takes a few steps, and at the time of writing only Windows 11 Insiders (Beta and Dev) can use Android apps on their PC. The main Windows 11 channel will get Android app support sometime in February, after which all Windows 11 users can take advantage of this workaround.

Josh Hendrickson

Okay, let’s put this puppy aside. If you’re not already using Android apps on your Windows 11 Insider build, you’ll need to: enable hardware virtualization and unlock the Amazon Appstore. You also need to set the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) – I recommend to follow our ADB guide at How-To Geek (you just need to follow step one to sideload the Wyze app).

Now that your PC is ready for sideloading, head over to APKMirror or another trusted Android APK site. Find the latest update of the Wyze app and download the APK of the app (not the bundle, just the file labeled APK).

Continue to our sideloading guide at How-To Geek to complete the sideloading process (you can go to the “How to Sideload” heading if you followed the instructions above). Once everything is set up, you should be able to launch the Wyze Android app in Windows 11 and log in to control your Wyze devices or view your camera feed.

Again, this workaround only works on Windows Insider builds. Regular Windows 11 users won’t be able to use Android apps until sometime in February, when Microsoft rolls out the feature via an update.

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