How to post a GIF on Facebook

GIFs are a great way to get your messages across and you can post them on many social sites. If you want to post a GIF as a status or comment on your Facebook profile, here’s how to do it.

On Facebook, you can add GIFs from your phone or computer storage, from a GIF-sharing website, or even from Facebook’s own GIF repository.

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Upload or post a GIF to Facebook on desktop

From your desktop computer, you can insert a GIF into your regular Facebook post or in a comment on someone’s post.

Post a GIF as status

To add a GIF to a new post in your Facebook profile, first launch your favorite web browser and open the facebook Place.

On the Facebook home page, click the “What’s up” box at the top to create a new post.

At the bottom of the “Make Post” window that opens, click the three dots.

Select “GIF” from the menu that opens.

In the “Choose a GIF” window, click the search box and type a term to find your GIF. Then choose that GIF from the search results.

If you have saved your GIF to your computer, in the “Make Post” window, click “Photo/Video” to upload the GIF from your computer.

To embed a GIF from a website, copy the link to that GIF and add it to your post as text. Like so:

After you paste the link and the GIF appears, you can delete the GIF link and replace it with other text if you want. Your GIF image will be preserved.

And that’s how you add a GIF to your Facebook status.

Post a GIF as a comment

To post a GIF in a comment, find the post you want to comment on. Then in the “Write a comment” field, click on the “GIF” icon. Select the GIF you want to add to your comment.

To add a GIF from your computer, in the “Write a comment” field, click the “Attach a photo or video” option (a camera icon) and choose your GIF file.

Then press Enter to publish the GIF in your comment. And you’re done.

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Upload or share a GIF to Facebook on mobile

The ability to post GIFs to Facebook isn’t limited to desktops. You can also post a GIF to your status or comment from Facebook’s mobile app.

Post a GIF as status

To post a GIF as status, launch the Facebook app on your phone and tap the “Write something here” box at the top.

To choose a GIF from Facebook’s repository, tap GIF at the bottom of the Make Post screen.

On the “Select GIF” screen, find the GIF you want to add to your message and tap it.

To upload a GIF from your phone, on the “Make Post” page, tap the “Photo/Video” option and choose your GIF from your phone’s storage.

Likewise, if you want to add a GIF with a URL and then on the “Create Post” page, paste the full link of the GIF. When the image preview appears, you can remove the text link and the GIF will remain.

And that’s it.

Post a GIF as a comment

To reply to someone’s post with a GIF, in the “Write a comment” field on their post, tap the “GIF” icon.

Find and tap the GIF to add to your comment.

To add a GIF from your phone’s gallery, tap the camera icon next to the “Write a comment” field. Then choose the GIF image from your phone.

You can also add a GIF from the link. To do this, tap the “Write a comment” box and paste the web link of the GIF. Publish the comment, and later if you want to remove the text link, edit the comment and remove the text link.

And that’s how you brighten up a discussion or status with animated GIF images in your Facebook account. Enjoying!

If you’re using an iPhone, you can convert your Live Photos into GIF images and then upload the resulting GIFs to Facebook. Give it a try if you’re interested!

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