How to Sort Google Sheets by Date

Google Sheets allows you to sort your spreadsheets and the content in those spreadsheets by date. You can use Sheets’ built-in features to do this, and we’ll show you how.

Sort your data by date in Google Sheets

To sort a dataset in your spreadsheet with the date column, use Google Sheets sort options.

First, in your spreadsheet, select the entire data set you want to sort. Include the column headings in your selection, but exclude the index column if you have one. If you select the index column, the numbers in that column will be mixed up when you sort it.

With your dataset highlighted, from the Google Sheets menu bar, click Data > Sort Range > Advanced Range Sort Options.

In the window that opens, enable ‘Data Has Header Row’. Click the “Sort by” drop-down menu and choose your date column.

Then, to sort your date in ascending order, click on the “A > Z” option. Likewise, to sort your date in descending order, choose “Z > A.”

After that, click on the “Sort” button.

Your dataset is now sorted by date, as you can see for yourself.

And that’s how you read your data date-wise in your Google Sheets spreadsheets. Very useful!

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Sort your spreadsheets by date in Google Sheets

If you want to sort your spreadsheets by date on the main Sheets screen, use the sort option available on that page.

To use it, first launch a web browser on your computer and open Google Sheets† Log in to your account if you have not already done so.

On the screen with your spreadsheets in the top right corner of the list, click “Sort Options” (an icon with A>Z).

In the sort menu, you have several sorting options to choose from:

Last opened by me: This option keeps your last opened spreadsheet at the top. Last modified by me: Use this option to sort your spreadsheets by the time you last modified them. Last Modified: Puts your last modified spreadsheet (modified by anyone) at the top. Title: Use this option to sort your spreadsheets by title.

Once you select an option, Google Sheets sorts and displays your spreadsheets accordingly, and you’re all set.

Spreadsheets also has other sorting options that you may want to use.

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