How To Watch Marvel’s Moon Knight TV Series

(Pocket Ribbon) – Disney’s next Marvel Studios production – Moon Knight – has now reached its streaming service. The studio first revealed during its 2021 Disney+ Day presentation that it was working on the TV series, and now it’s finally available to watch.

Here’s everything you need to know about Moon Knight, including what the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four project is about, who stars in it, and how to stream it.


What is the premise of Moon Knight?

The six-episode TV series tells the story of hit man Marc Spector.

Spector, rescued by Egyptian gods when left for dead in the desert, dons Moon Knight’s mantle. He has dissociative identity disorder and is generally a little crazy. Over the course of the comics, Spector’s identity changes quite a bit, as does his backstory. For example, in some versions, he has super powers and acts as the craft for Moon God Khonshu. But in other iterations, he’s more of a mortal.

Oscar Isaac stars as Moon Knight.


Who will star in Moon Knight?

In addition to Oscar Isaac, the cast is completed by Ethan Hawke in a villainous role. May Calamawy is also cast in the series. Jeremy Slater, who worked on Josh Trank’s ill-fated Fantastic Four reboot and edited superhero drama The Umbrella Academy for Netflix, leads Moon Knight’s writing team.

It was also reported that Mohamed Diab was serving as a director.

When will Moon Knight premiere?

The official release date was March 30, 2022.

Where can you stream Moon Knight?

The TV series premiered on Disney+, so you’ll need to get a Disney+ subscription if you want to watch Moon Knight.


Are there any trailers for Moon Knight?

You can watch the official trailer at the top of this page.

Moon Knight first trailer teaser | hulu

Disney made a teaser trailer (below) before an official trailer was released.

Who is Moon Knight? † Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel uploaded the featurette below to give Marvel fans who may not have heard of Moon Knight a better idea of ​​who the superhero is for the show’s premiere.

Here we go | Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Disney+

Skills | Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Disney+

Protect | Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Disney+

Choice | Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Disney+

What makes Moon Knight Mimi | Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Disney+

Introducing Moon Knight Mimi | Marvel Studio’s Moon Knight | Disney+

How to catch up and get ready for Moon Knight

There are over two dozen Marvel Studios movies and shows to watch. It’s hard to say if any of these are essential to the new show.

Pocket Ribbon has rounded up the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and the best way to watch it here. We recommend watching at least the new Disney+ shows or anything after Avengers: Endgame, as that movie closes Phase Three and we’re now well on Phase Four with Moon Knight.

For a look at what else is coming to Disney+ in the MCU, see our guide: Upcoming MCU Projects: Every Movie and TV Show in the Making.

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Written by Maggie Tillman. Editing by Britta O’Boyle.

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