How To Watch Top Gun Maverick (2022): Can You Stream It?

(Pocket Ribbon) – It’s been 36 years since Top Gun debuted in theaters. The sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, is due out in May, with Tom Cruise reprising his role as fighter pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. Here’s how and where to stream the summer blockbuster for yourself when it becomes available online.

What you need to know about Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick is a highly anticipated sequel to 1986’s Top Gun. The original film sees students from the US Navy’s elite fighter-gun school competing for the top of the class. A young pilot, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise), learns a few things from a civilian instructor that aren’t taught in class. Fast forward to the sequel, and after more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy’s top aviators, Mitchell is still pushing the boundaries as a brave test pilot, “evading the rank advancements that would keep him grounded”.


Top Gun: Maverick is rated PG-13 in the US.


Top Gun: Maverick has a total runtime of 2 hours and 11 minutes including credits.

Actors and film crew

Top Gun: Maverick is written by Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer and Christopher McQuarrie. It is directed by Joseph Kosinski.

Here’s who is starring in the film:

Tom Cruise as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell Miles Teller as Lt. Bradley “Rooster” BradshawJennifer Connelly as Penny BenjaminJon Hamm as Adm. Beau “Cyclone” Simpson Ed Harris as Radm. Chester “Hammer” CainVal Kilmer as Adm. Tom “Iceman” Kazansky

When is Top Gun: Maverick coming out?

Top Gun: Maverick will hit theaters in the US on May 27, 2022 — after early access three days earlier.

When can you stream Top Gun: Maverick?

Streaming release date: likely July 11, 2022

Top Gun: Maverick is not yet available to stream online. Paramount Pictures has not yet announced an official release date for the film. Paramount added its films to Paramount+ approximately 45 days after their theatrical debut. That means Top Gun: Maverick may have a streaming release date of July 11, 2022.

How To Watch Top Gun: Maverick Online

Where to stream online: Most likely Paramount+

If you don’t want to see Top Gun: Maverick in your local cinema, you’ll have to wait for Top Gun: Maverick to be released on streaming services or as a video-on-demand rental.

Since it’s a Paramount movie, you can expect Top Gun: Maverick to eventually make its US streaming debut on Paramount+ as opposed to Netflix or HBO Max. Paramount+ costs $9.99 per month to stream ad-free in the US. Or you can try the Essential plan for $4.99 per month. It has ads and removes access to your local live CBS station.


Are there any Top Gun: Maverick trailers?

Yes. The latest trailer is at the top of this guide.

Trailers from a few years ago are below. Please note that Maverick has experienced several delays due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Top Gun: Maverick (2022) – New Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer (2022) – Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures also released the featurette below for Top Gun: Maverick.

Top Gun: Maverick | The Power of the Naval Aircraft Mimi (2022 Movie)

What to watch for Top Gun: Maverick

You really should watch or rewatch the first Top Gun movie before moving on to the sequel. If you currently have a Netflix or Paramount+ subscription, you can stream Top Gun on those platforms at no extra cost. Or you can also rent or buy the movie on Amazon. See the links below to watch the film.

Written by Maggie Tillman.

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