How Wizardia’s Players (and Investors) Can Benefit from a New NFT Economy

As the NFT and Metaverse gaming space continues to make leaps and bounds in 2022, we are slowly witnessing the evolution of the gaming space – not just in terms of story, character and gameplay, but the underlying economies that form the financial foundation of a projecting given.

An example of this is Wizardia. Wizardia is an upcoming play-to-earn fantasy Metaverse game in which players take on the role of unique wizards represented by NFTs and compete with each other to earn valuable resources and improve their NFT avatars. Wizardia is built on top of the Solana (SOL) blockchain, a low-cost Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network that has become one of the most popular destinations for developers to deploy dApps in 2021.

Conceptual Art – The Battle Arena

While Wizardia gives players the chance to increase the value of their NFTs through standard gameplay, another aspect of the game’s NFT-based economy has drawn attention in recent weeks for how it has evolved over time. generate royalties.

Earn royalties for the duration of the game

Wizardia’s in-game Wizard NFTs, consisting of a two-NFT economy, are joined by Arena Genesis NFTs – tokens that give holders exclusive rights to earn royalties from all future battles and trades performed in the game’s Battle Arena.

Essentially, this means early investors can buy Arena Genesis NFTs and sit back and collect ever-increasing royalties as more and more players enter the game world and participate in Arena battles. Notably, holders of Arena Genesis NFTs don’t even have to participate in the game, instead the NFTs are staked on the platform and owners will receive rewards in the form of tokens.

Arena Genesis NFT (1st round)

That investment promises to pay off for the duration of the game’s existence. Much like profits generated from the successful operations of a particular company, Arena Genesis NFT holders will receive royalties from in-game transactions over time. A quick look at Wizardia’s Revenue Projection Calculator reveals the potential royalties for investors entering the first round of the Arena Genesis NFT private sale – a figure of a whopping 100% ROI (return on investment) per month, assuming a player base of 30,000. Please note that this is just a projection that depends on many variables such as the number of daily game users, the number of daily battles or the Wizardia token price – and no royalties are 100% guaranteed.

Revenue Projection Calculator

Not just the early bird that gets the worm

Conceptual Art – The Battle Arena

Potential royalties to be earned from Arena Genesis NFTs fluctuate according to the increasing price of the tokens as Wizardia progresses through each subsequent round of the public sale – of which there are seven. The difference between the cost of the NFTs between round one and round seven of the private sale is quite large – ranging from $125 per token to $445.

While the incentive to participate in the early rounds of sales is clearly apparent, the way Wizardia’s royalty generation is constructed also gives late-stage investors a good chance to reap some serious rewards. This is because the value generated by the Arena Genesis NFTs naturally increases as more and more players enter the game world. In addition, some of the royalties generated from all subsequent sales rounds will find their way to the investors early on, meaning they will start generating royalties before even a battle is waged in the game.

This new approach to NFT revenue builds on the royalty structure of popular NFT platforms such as OpenSea, where royalties are earned each time an NFT is resold. With Wizardia’s Genesis NFTs, the tokens do not need to be sold to generate continuous royalties, but instead act as early bird royalties in the ongoing progress of the project. Plus, the prospect of actually selling an NFT on OpenSea — where the market is already approaching saturation point — is never quite certain.

The first phase of the public sale of Wizardia’s Arena Genesis NFT will take place in early February, and later phases of the sale will take place in early 2022. this year, meaning Genesis NFT holders will soon be able to start earning passive income from in-game battles.

Wizardia is giving away $10,000 in prizes to its community. Up for grabs for community members who participate in the airdrop is $10,000 USDT, shared by 90 randomly selected lucky winners, all distributed over Binance Smart Chain.

The airdrop ends on February 7. Register now to enter the free giveaway.

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