HP’s store now has great discounts on HyperX headsets!

(Pocket Ribbon) – A good gaming headset can be a complete life-changer in our opinion. If you game a lot (or, frankly, if you do a lot of online calling), the difference between tinny speakers and an immersive headset is absolutely huge.

It can change the way you experience a game from head to toe, and a great microphone is a bonus, making you come across loud and clear to colleagues and friends during voice calls. HyperX makes some of the best headsets on the market, and now you can get a a ton of great deals on its headsets through HP† Use code HYPERX20 in the HP Store to get 20 percent off any HyperX headset through June 4, 2022. We’ve picked three particularly tempting options below!

HyperX Cloud II wireless

HyperX’s Cloud line of headsets has long been synonymous with extremely impressive levels of comfort, the headphones that sit on your head like the cloud they’re named after, and the Cloud II Wireless is one of the best headsets it’s ever made.

It’s so lightweight, but manages to be wireless too, so you can enjoy impressive audio through custom-tuned drivers without getting tangled up in a wire while you play. It also looks great and has a great detachable microphone to make your voice chats great when you need it.

HyperX Cloud II

If you want the same great sound offered by the Cloud II Wireless, but don’t mind the fact that it’s wireless, you can opt to pick up the standard Cloud II, which offers the same great benefits in a more affordable wired format. .

It’s just as light and therefore wonderful to wear, even over longer sessions, while the sound is absolutely flawless with the same great microphone, all of which makes it an absolutely excellent option for those looking to save even more of their money – especially with even more. once 20 percent off!

HyperX Cloud Core

But don’t worry – if you’re looking for a headset that can be played wirelessly as well as being a little more affordable, the HyperX Cloud Core could be the ideal answer, offering great sound and connectivity while keeping costs impressively low. .

You get full spatial audio (on PC or on PlayStation consoles) so you can accurately choose the sounds around you while gaming, and comfort is right up top with HyperX’s very best, and the flexible microphone is very handy too. With an impressive 20 hours of battery life, you don’t have to worry about daily charging either.

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