If you’re still using iOS 14, you need to update now

The best way to protect your data from hackers is to keep your devices up to date. With each iteration of the operating system, new features and security patches are added. Need more proof? Here’s How 26 Million PC Logins Were Stolen.

Another reason to keep your devices up to date with the most recent operating system is that tech companies don’t support older versions forever. To get the latest and greatest features and security patches, you need to update to the latest operating system.

If you have an iPhone with iOS 14, you should update to iOS 15 as soon as possible. Apple is pulling the plug on iOS 14 earlier than expected. Keep reading to learn why getting this update is critical.

Here’s the backstory

Apple assured users that support for iOS 14 would continue after the launch of iOS 15. To keep older devices up to date with the latest security patches, the company would work on a way to deliver them efficiently.

It appears that the company has reversed course. Support for iOS 14 is ending earlier than expected. As 9to5Mac points out, the company sticks to the traditional method of forcing an iOS version update if you want to fix vulnerabilities.

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You also missed your chance to update to the most recent iOS 14 version as Apple has seemingly removed the download option for iOS 14.8.1. Previously, owners could choose whether they wanted only the iOS 14 security updates or to download iOS 15.

What can you do about it?

While it may seem like Apple is forcing you to download iOS 15, you do have a choice. You could stay on your current iOS 14 version, but that wouldn’t be wise. As mentioned before, all security updates have stopped meaning your device is more vulnerable to attack.

If your device is compatible with iOS 15, we highly recommend installing it. Your iPhone is as secure as possible and you also get access to exciting features. Tap or click here to see our list of the best new features.

This is how you update your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch:

Open SettingsTap GeneralSelect Software updateTap Install now

Instead of Install Now, you may see Download and Install. If so, select that option to download the update. Then enter your passcode and select Install Now.

iOS 15 can be hefty, so be prepared for a lengthy download process. Also keep in mind that since it is a new operating system, your device may seem a little slow after installation. This is expected because your device needs to sort and index all the data.

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Your daily dose of tech smarts

Learn the tech tips and tricks only the pros know.

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