Increase Brands Offering Bitcoin Payouts on Coinbase Prime

Elevate Brands today announced its “Cash of Coin” acquisition program and integration with Coinbase Prime.

According to industry observations, Elevate Brands is always looking for ways to make its acquisition and business processes more efficient. She announced today that they would integrate with Coinbase Prime to receive payments in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It should help them save money by having no upfront costs when buying products from Amazon marketplace.

This innovative new strategy enables Elevate to capitalize on opportunities in the crypto space and provides investors with unprecedented access.

Ryan Gnesin, CEO of Elevate Brand, said;

“We are excited to be at the forefront of Amazon’s new digital age, and we believe cash or coins will make it easier than ever for consumers looking to access cryptocurrencies”

He added;

“Integrate with Coinbase Prime gives us an edge by bringing our brands closer to achieving this goal.”

Bitcoin price has managed to hold the price support of $37K well. Source:

Nick Eary sold his company to Elevate last year. He will receive his bitcoin payouts next month. Merchants paid directly through the Coinbase Prime account benefit from lower fees or high volume limits and access features not available on other platforms.

Nick excitedly said in an interview about Elevate’s first crypto beneficiary:

“When I sold my business, I planned to spend some of the money on bitcoin. The fact that I could be paid directly in crypto through Elevate made investing a much easier process.”

Elevate Offer Bitcoin Payouts For Referral Program

In a move that could be the start of many more crypto-based incentive programs, Elevate recently launched its new referral program. Anyone who refers a business to Amazon that they have successfully acquired is eligible for up to $500K in cash or equivalent blockchain-based cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin). Empowering Ecommerce Cooperative received the first referral payout in Bitcoin.

Empowery founder Steve Simonson stated that Elevate’s Cash or Coin program came right on time. In his words, “Fortunately, we have found the perfect way to learn more about cryptocurrency. We know it will be an exciting year, with many changes already. So we chose Coinbase Prime as our crypto holder.”

The Elevate team is causing a furore in the Amazon Market. The company, which rapidly expanded its portfolio of private label products through deals and acquisitions last year alone, has raised $370 million from leading global institutional investors and acquired 32 brands at a rate of 3-4 per month. The company has grown more than 500% since opening its second headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Elevate Brands is a company that specializes in launching products on Amazon. They are currently among the 100 best sellers of all time and own 32 private label brands, including Sqribble bedding accessories for millennials.

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