Insert a handwritten signature in Google Docs

While digital signatures have become a popular way to sign documents, you may have your own document where you just want to handwrite your signature. Google’s drawing tool makes it easy to create and insert your signature.

Create and insert your signature

Did you use the Google Drawings website to already create a signature? If so, you can simply embed that drawing in your document instead of creating a new signature.

To start creating a new signature, go to Google Docs, log in and open your document. Place your cursor in your document where you want to insert the signature. Click on Insert > Drawing in the menu and choose ‘New’.

The Google drawing tool opens with a large, blank canvas for your signature. Click the Select a rule drop-down menu and choose Scribble.

Sign your signature with the plus sign that appears. You can make it a single, smooth line or a few together. If you have one, you may want to use your iPad as a drawing tablet for this.

You can then adjust the stroke color, width, or style if desired. Select the signature or any part of it and choose a drop-down tool for your options.

Once you’re happy with the signature, click “Save and Close” to insert it into your document.

The drawing tool will close and you will be returned to your document with your signature ready to use.

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Edit or place your signature

Once you place the drawing in your document, it will appear as an image. Allows you to choose the position relative to the other text and adjust the size and rotation. You can also edit it if necessary after inserting it.

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Select the image and use the options in the floating toolbar that appears below it. You’ll see options to edit the signature (which reopens the drawing tool), arrange the signature with the text, or view all image options.

You can also resize the signature by dragging a corner or edge, or align it in the document using the options in the toolbar.

Google’s drawing tool makes it easy to create and insert a signature into Google Docs. And if you use Microsoft Word in addition to Google Docs, check out how to place a signature in a Word document.

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