Insert an animated GIF into a Word document

Adding an animated GIF to your Word document is useful if you want to get a message across, demonstrate an activity, grab the audience’s attention, or just add some humor. Here’s how to add an animated GIF in Microsoft Word.

Word allows you to insert animated GIFs stored on your computer’s hard drive. The process for inserting a GIF into a Word document is no different from inserting a picture or other object. Unfortunately, this only works in Microsoft Word for Windows 10. If you’re a Mac user, you can still insert a GIF, but it won’t be animated.

First, open Word and place the cursor at the location of the document where you want the GIF to appear. In the Illustrations group of the Insert tab, click Pictures. Choose “This device” from the drop-down menu.

The file explorer opens. Find and select the GIF you want to insert. Click on ‘Insert’.

The GIF will appear in your Microsoft Word document. You will see a pause icon in the lower left corner of the image. Clicking it will pause the animation.

You’ll also see the alt text at the bottom of the GIF. Word will try to automatically add alt text for you, but this isn’t always accurate. To make your Word document more accessible, write descriptive alt text. To edit your GIF’s alt text, click the text at the bottom.

You can also right-click on the GIF and then select “Edit Alt Text” from the context menu.

The Alt text box appears to the right of the window. Type the desired alternative text in the text box.

Now you have not only inserted a GIF into your Microsoft Word document, but also made it accessible to everyone.

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