Interview with BetFury Marketing & PR lead Kate Fury, on how the company is stacking up in the online gaming industry

ONLINE gambling is a multi-billion dollar business. Multiple countries around the world have access to it. As cryptocurrencies became popular, various industries started offering tokens and other cryptos as payment methods.

BetFury is one of the fastest growing all-in-one online casinos offering in-house developed products and other well-known traditional casino games that promote fair and responsible gambling.

Kate Fury, Marketing & PR Lead on BetFuryshared with us about the platform, current development initiatives and objectives as the online gambling industry grows.

Q – The online casino industry is booming like never before. But before we get into how much the industry has blossomed, can you tell us a little bit about how BetFury first entered the betting scene?

Kate – Our journey started as a Dapp platform on the TRON blockchain. At that time (year 2019), it was the easiest option to attract a startup audience. In addition, our developers had experience in making simple games on the blockchain. The TRON network allowed easy access with a WEB 3 wallet, and transactions were very cheap, so for about half a year we worked exclusively in this direction. High-quality service, fast development and 24/7 friendly support made us get the love of the TRON audience. After some time, we realized it was time to enter the global crypto market and our team added the ability to play on top currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT. Today we support more than 50 currencies on more than 12 networks. I think we made the right choice at the time for the multi-currency move

Q – The BetFury team has united crypto enthusiasts from all over the world – an amazing achievement considering the sheer number of competitors vying for a foothold in the online gambling arena. How did you build the BetFury brand as it originated?

Kate – We started as a startup with a team of 10 people. Each of us had a different experience. Someone was previously in marketing, someone was an avid gambler and understood how it worked with competitors. I was a journalist with experience writing texts about crypto. We sat together in a big office with the CEO, designers, support and were constantly talking about what our positioning should be, what texts could sell our features, how to get users’ attention. Our slogan “You play – we pay” came after three days of discussion with a product lead. Gradually appeared brand colors, we made a cartoon about our mascot Fury, who, according to the plot, is the son of Satoshi 😅. To a BetFury brand that is now recognizable, we were all very involved. Remembering this makes me understand how important it is to brand with one idea, users feel it and this helps create a powerful brand.

Q – What was the thought process like when you started making a name for yourself in the online gambling world? Was your goal from the start to make a fuss and attract customers – or take it easy, observe and feel the market?

Kate – Our main goal was and remains to get the appreciation of all crypto gamblers. From the get-go, the coolest platform promotion ideas are often generated by our СEO. He has extensive experience in crypto, he follows trends and knows what will soon be in the hype. We still don’t work with long-term planning, like standard companies for one year, two or five. There is a product team that researches gambling and crypto trends, so we basically develop BetFury equally in these areas. We also collect community feedback in our social networks, on thematic reviewers and forums. It helps a lot in planning new features. It happens that a new trend appears quickly (as was the case with the NFT) and in just a week we figure out how to combine it with our product.

Q – One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in any business – online or otherwise – is how to reach the masses. With the comfort of technology at our disposal, how do you deal with the basics with your customers? Are there any problems in this department and how do you deal with them, if any?

Kate – It is very important for us to understand who our audience is. For this we create questionnaires, our community managers and international administrators also continuously collect feedback. We realized one important thing: people always feel when you are genuinely interested in their life and hobbies. Previously the team communicated directly with users in chat, now we use AMA sessions in our rooms and with partners in their communities. This enables us to bring communication closer, increase brand awareness and loyalty to what we do. We also offered rewards for activities in our community in BFG Tokens† Thus, new users automatically become holders of our token, and the old ones at least increase their assets and loyalty to our project. We don’t actually have any disagreements about how to communicate with the community because there is a prescribed tone of voice. I think moments like documentation are also important for building a strong brand, as everyone should understand their involvement in creating an info field.

Q – Reputation risk is a threat to the reputation or position of a company or organization. It can happen directly or indirectly, as a result of the actions of an employee or employees – or due to other factors. How do you oversee these and make sure everything goes according to plan?

Kate – In our industry, the greatest reputational risks occur when people fail to read the platform’s terms of use and then start writing reviews about being underage or losing money while playing. Of course, such situations cannot be prevented 100%, but we will continue to communicate with such users, write answers and try to close such cases. It seems to me that the worst is when the company is silent and pretends there are no bad reviews. Of course, there are sometimes technical issues, such as withdrawals delays or long checks for winnings. These are annoying situations for users. We also try to speed up the processing of such cases. BetFury has a special quality department that monitors the situation. When we talk about closing business on forums and reviewers, it’s mostly done by my PR team.

Q – It is now easy to gamble at an online casino using any of the popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are countless online gambling casinos to choose from. It is a highly stacked industry. What sets you apart? What features do you have that others don’t?

Kate – Now the platform offers more than 5000 games from well-known providers, but we try not to limit ourselves to the game direction. BetFury has an internal BFG token that users mine while playing. It is traded on well-known exchanges such as Biswap, ApeSwap, Cointiger, Pancake. Our platform also has unique products like BFG strike with daily payouts in TOP cryptocurrencies from the total pool of lost money. Not too long ago, we launched a Free-to-Play option where users can win real money without making any deposits. On BetFury you can also get free crypto to play all the games. So we do everything we can to make it interesting for the average crypto user to spend time with us.

Q – To consider the last question, is there a particular competitor that you think offers the same products and has a similar marketing strategy as you? For example, talk about BFG – BetFury’s internal token launched on BNB Chain – what makes it appealing to your growing fan base?

Kate – It seems to me that none of these projects develop crypto as well as gambling directions. Several of our competitors have their own token, but the utilities are limited: play, exchange that’s all. We want to remove the token from the playing field and offer many uses. Today, BFG token can be traded, farmed, used for rewards in Telegram and Twitter via CCtip. We have also integrated it as a reward in the Squid NFT World game on the Biswap platform and in their NFT staking feature. The main attraction is, of course, BetFury Staking. You simply keep BFG tokens in your account and receive cryptocurrency from the pool every day. Some of our users have already invested three times. I could talk about this for a long time, but I hope I’ve answered the crux of the question.

Q – If BetFury gambles (pun intended) it can handle the other high rollers in the business, what are some of the things you’re up to these days? What specifically is in your sights? Things that interest you to develop further to gain the upper hand.

Kate – We understand the need to offer goodies to be more competitive. Now we are developing a new bonus system, a new affiliate program with transparent and interesting conditions, and we are also working on a separate account and chat room for VIP users.

Q – BetFury has an extensive roster of some of the best leaders and executives in the online casino operation: you have VIP support, marketing, other support teams, international administrators and community managers. What is it like to work with this group of professionals and experts?

Kate – We have a really cool team, which consists of over 150 employees around the world. Since I’ve been working since the early days of the platform, it’s very inspiring to see such progress. New people are constantly being added to give our company the best experience. Therefore, when someone leaves, it hurts just as much.

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