Is Sonos’s latest addition proof that it makes headphones?

(Pocket Ribbon) – Sonos has reportedly acquired Bluetooth audio startup T2 Software, with the goal of creating wireless Bluetooth headphones that could rival flagship offerings from Sony and Bose.

T2 Software is a three-year-old startup that claims to develop and license software for current and next-generation audio solutions based on Bluetooth LE Audio, Bluetooth Classic, and even the low-power Bluetooth codec LC3. It also provides custom software development services for embedded and wireless applications, according to the LinkedIn page.

A Sonos spokesperson confirmed the acquisition of T2 Software to protocol, notes that it bought the company last November. “From time to time, we will acquire teams, talent and/or technology that enhance our existing and future product roadmap,” said the Sonos spokesperson. Keep in mind that while Sonos is known for its excellent multi-room speakers, it’s been rumored for some time that the company will expand into other areas of audio equipment, with wireless headphones looking like they could be at the top of the list.

In fact, the first rumors surfaced more than three years ago.

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March 12, 2021

Sonos’ wireless headphones, when launched with support for LC3, could theoretically deliver high-quality audio and require less power than typical headphones. They are said to be impressive, lightweight and long lasting – able to deliver better sound quality at lower bitrates and with longer battery life. While Sonos usually prefers Wi-Fi connectivity, especially for its home speakers, in recent years it has adopted Bluetooth audio for its portable products, such as the Sonos Move and Sonos Roam.

And, well, headphones are definitely portable.

A LinkedIn message of a Sonos executive also recently revealed that the company is looking for a marketing agency to help it launch “a new category” of products, so a launch may be imminent.

Sonos usually does a few product launches a year, but unlike Apple and Samsung, there isn’t a specific week in which the launches happen every year. That said, given the surge in late 2020 rumors, which continued through 2021 and now 2022, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Sonos announcing wireless headphones before the end of the year.

Written by Maggie Tillman.

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