Is your iPhone screen PINK? Here’s How To Fix It

Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 13 has been out for several months now and many claim it to be the best iPhone ever. But for some it didn’t go smoothly. For example, there is a big problem with iPhone 13’s beautiful new video mode.

Now, with slow performance and apps crashing, some screens have a mysterious pink coloring. No reboots or iOS updates seem to fix the problem.

If you’re struggling with the pink screen, read on to learn how to fix it and why it happens.

Here’s the backstory

Pink may be Aerosmith’s favorite color, but you don’t want it to be the shade of your iPhone’s screen. The strange hue mishap has been around since the launch of iPhone 13 last year, and few know what’s going on.

Some iPhone users expressed their frustration with the issue in several Reddit threads. Even Apple doesn’t seem to know for sure if it’s a hardware or software issue. This first official hint that it could be the last came recently when Apple posted on Weibo.

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“We didn’t notice any relevant issues in the hardware of the devices because this situation [pink screen] happens when the system is locked,” the short statement reads. Most of the pink screen problems come from China.

What can you do about it?

If you are sporadically faced with a pink screen, you may be thinking about replacing your device. But don’t act too hastily, because there are a few things you should try first. When all else fails, some users contacted Apple and replaced their phones.

Rumor has it that the upcoming iOS 15.3 will fix the pink screen issue, but in the meantime, here are some steps you can try:

Please backup your device before attempting any solution. It is good practice to do this regularly, even before installing a new iOS version. Some users have found a workaround by simply restarting their phones. The latest version of iOS is 15.2.1. If you don’t, update your device by tapping Settings, General, and Software Update. Select Download and install if an update is available. If your iOS is up to date, make sure your installed apps also have the latest versions. Operating system incompatibility may be the cause. Do this by opening the App Store and then tapping your profile picture. Then scroll down and tap Update All. Notice when the pink screen appears. If it happens when you use a specific app, uninstall it. The most drastic solution is to erase your iPhone, reset it and start from scratch. Tap or click here for steps to restore factory settings. (Note: Skip to step two.)

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