It’s not just you, Discord is gone now [Update: It’s Back]

There is currently a major outage affecting everyone’s favorite game chat service, disagreement.

Update, 2/22/22 5:13 PM Eastern: Discord is back online.

Update, 26/22/22 4:09 PM Eastern: According to Discord’s status page, “Over half of Discord users are back online and working normally. We’ll continue to work to get the rest of the users back online. ”

Update, 02/26/22 3:32 PM Eastern: At 3:39 PM, Discord resolved the issue and slowly started accessing the service again. The status page says, “The database is healthy again and our internal error rate has dropped to nominal levels. We are starting to increase the login speed limit so that users can reconnect.”

In the Discord client, the company explained in pretty vague terms what is happening right now:

We’ve identified the underlying issue with the API failure, but we’re dealing with a secondary issue in one of our database clusters. We have our entire on-call response team online and responding to the issue.

Discord has over 150 million active users, so this API failure is sure to upset a lot of people. Of course these things happen, and it seems that Discord is doing everything they can to get the service back online as soon as possible. The company enlisting its “full call-up team” is reassuring for Discord users.

The outage was first reported around 2:45 PM ET, as users said they couldn’t join conversations or participate in text chats — two of the main reasons people use Discord in the first place. However, some users who were already on the call have reported that they were able to stay even with the outage.

“We have set a speed limit for logins to manage the traffic load. Users who are logged in are currently successfully using Discord and we will slowly increase the limits here to allow more users. We expect this to be resolved in the next 15 minutes,” reads Discord’s status page posted in an update at 3:07 PM ET.

Following that update, Discord posted again at 3:21 p.m. ET on its status page, this time stating, “We are continuing to fix some issues with one of our database clusters. We are still in the process of throttling login traffic.” The company promised another update within 15 minutes.

We will update this article as we learn more about the Discord February 26, 2022 outage.

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