It’s not too late to be a crypto billionaire

It is an interesting time for crypto. With more and more institutional investors buying Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies, some investors may be wondering if they missed the boat, especially as the dizzying market highs of 2021 gave way to the sobering collapse at the beginning of 2022.

In the past, cryptocurrency was famous for creating Bitcoin billionaires from young, free-thinking individuals who did not come from traditionally wealthy backgrounds. Now it can be said that crypto is going mainstream, has crypto wealth become the domain of the fit financial tycoons Bitcoin once tried to defy? The evidence does not seem to confirm this. In fact, today’s biggest crypto influencers are still inspiring and come from different backgrounds, ages and countries. Now let’s take a look at some of the most inspiring crypto influencers in the field.

Carl ‘The Moon’ Runefelt – from bags to balls

Carl Runefelt, better known by his social media handle ‘The Moon’, is one of the most popular crypto influencers today, with over 500K subscribers on YouTube and over a million followers on Twitter.

Runefelt is notoriously bullish on Bitcoin and has made a significant amount of money from the original cryptocurrency. He also doesn’t shy away from showing off his wealth, picking up rare NFTs for millions of dollars, and showing his new Bugatti (bought with ETH trading profits) to his followers as the market collapsed in late 2021. t Runefelt have the right to be proud of his wealth? After all, he came from humble beginnings and has said in interviews that he wanted to inspire his followers to do the same.

Before getting into crypto, Runefelt actually worked in a grocery store in his home country of Sweden. At 22, the young grocer was bored and frustrated with life and his career prospects. He began investing his savings in gold and precious metals, but became disillusioned with the corruption and inefficiency of the banking system. Seeing a crypto video on YouTube inspired him to invest in crypto and start his own YouTube channel in 2017.

Runefelt’s crypto investments were a success, as was his channel ‘The Moon’. By investing, trading and giving advice to his followers, Runefelt completely changed his life. He considers the Law of Attraction and the power of visualization to be the most important parts of his journey to the lavish lifestyle he enjoys today.

Now living in the playboy paradise of Dubai, Runefelt continues to be active in crypto and NFTs as well as promoting his own payment app, Kasta. Despite its expansion into other parts of the crypto industry, the Swedish rags-to-riches star is still bullish on the original cryptocurrency, claiming that BTC will never fall below $10,000 again and will even drop below $10,000 in the next three years. can reach 200K.

Hold on to your dreams – crypto stars are still being made

The story of Runefelt, who managed to completely change his life when he was in his twenties, is an inspiration for crypto traders today, and the crypto world continues to provide a way for people to make money outside the traditional path to wealth.

While many famous investors study at elite colleges, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin famously dropped out of college to focus on crypto. In 2012, 12-year-old Eric Finman spent a $1,000 family gift on buying Bitcoin at prices ranging from $10 to $12, transactions that made him 18 millionaire and even richer today.

The volatility of altcoins today still presents an opportunity for such huge returns, with new crypto influencers popping up all the time from humble backgrounds. Rachel Siegel was a struggling substitute teacher. At the age of 29 and without any technical knowledge, she started investing about $25 a week in crypto and turned that into seven figure returns, home ownership and a new career as a crypto influencer under the handle @CryptoFinally.

Kane Ellis was only 18 and dropped out of high school when he learned how to mine cryptocurrency and used that Bitcoin earnings over the years to found the online car marketplace Carswap, as well as to buy himself a fleet of exotic cars ( unlike Runefelt, he prefers a Maserati).

These are just two more examples of crypto fans getting rich and building famous profiles on top of that. Don’t forget all those who make money, but decide to avoid the limelight and lead less public lives. The truth is that the majority of wealthy crypto traders are the ones you never hear about, but focus on their own lives.

Accessing crypto wealth has never been easier

The main reason why crypto is still a great tool for building wealth is that almost anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can access the market these days, and this empowers a large part of the population who had no access to traditional wealth building products.

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