Joby reveals his array of camera, podcast and interview microphones India News, The Indian Express

The Joby Wavo PRO camera microphone. Joby

Why settle for crappy audio? To complement his line of Gorillapods and other mounting devices, Joby is now selling high-end microphones for video recording, podcasting or conducting interviews. Some of these mics are quite customizable, while others are more plug and play.

The first is the Wavo PRO, Joby’s flagship camera microphone. For $300, it has built-in noise cancellation, a dedicated sound management app, front and rear LEDs for level monitoring, and an additional mic input that’s perfect for hand or shotgun mics.

Joby also offers the mid-range Wavo PRO DS shotgun microphone, which costs a respectable $250 and features integrated audio level LEDs, plus a simple plug-and-play design. And then there’s the $250 Wavo AIR, a wireless microphone kit for when you need to sit in front of the camera (Wavo AIR comes with two lavaliere mics and a wireless connector).

The Joby Wavo POD podcast microphone. Joby

For audio streamers, Joby now offers the Wavo POD. It’s a $100 large-diaphragm USB-C condenser microphone with a headphone jack, a free pop filter, and a mountable design for boom arms or GorillaPods.

And when it comes time to do an interview, Joby now sells a Wavo Lav PRO wired lavaliere microphone. It features an integrated windscreen, a long 3.5mm connector (perfect for pairing with the Wavo PRO camera microphone), and a magnetic clip design.

Joby’s new microphones are now available on the company’s website. I should note that these aren’t the most affordable mics for cameras, podcasts, or interviews, so you may want to wait for the reviews to roll in before pulling the trigger.

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