Leading Indian entertainment giants T-Series and Hungama Digital Entertainment in partnership with Hefty Entertainment take a trip to the NFT & Metaverse Space

The global digital entertainment industry has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, raising the bar for creating and consuming entertainment like never before. Asia’s largest publishing house and music label, T-series announced a partnership with one of the largest digital entertainment companies in South Asia, Hungama Digital Media to enter the world of Web3, NFTs and Metaverse. It aims to capture the growing landscape of the digital economy and the virtual world.

The collaboration between the industry leaders will drive a paradigm shift in the Asian entertainment sector as they strive to become valuable pillars in the NFT metaverse ecosystem. The partnership aligns with Hungama’s vision to create a perfect combination of technical innovation to entertain and engage users worldwide, alongside the T Series, to redefine how digital content is created, owned and explored.

The Metaverse and NFT space has recently exploded with the latest marketing strategies across leading brands across a variety of industry sectors. The new wave floating across the cryptoverse has led more reputable firms to delve into the NFTs. With a pivotal metaverse movement launching exclusive NFT collections, T-series and Hungama Digital Media are poised to bridge the gap between the crypto world and digital entertainment.

leverage Polygon Studios and their industry expertise, the leading NFT and gaming arm, Hefty Entertainment will spearhead a Web 3.0 initiative from Hungama, allowing the global digital entertainment industry to witness an unparalleled dimension of entertaining creations.

In an exclusive interview, Bhushan Kumar, Chairman and CEO of T-Series commented, “We are excited to expand our alliance with Hungama spanning two decades and bring our community access to the Metaverse. After getting the ball rolling, we look forward to expanding and increasing the value of our content, leading to a further and rapid expansion of the global digital entertainment industry.

Unlock special moments and improve experiences

T-series in partnership with Hefty entertainment is paving a creative path that will take millions of individuals from around the world into a potential blockchain-based entertainment metaverse. T-series and Hungama will leverage their extensive global distribution network and expertise with a catalog of incredible content of 2,000,000 songs, 65,000 music videos and 150+ movies in Indian languages ​​to spread across the ever-expanding digital landscape.

“We are excited to expand our long-standing partnership with T-Series and establish ourselves as forerunners in the Metaverse of entertainment. We look forward to redefining content consumption with this Web 3.0 initiative as we find new ways to collaborate and engage with fans. Our partnership with T-Series has grown stronger over time. We are very excited to hold their hand to enter the metaverse. Neeraj Roy, Founder – Hungama, shared.

Hungama continues to be one of the digital media entertainment giants in South Asia serving more than 90 million monthly active users across music, games and videos in the entertainment space. As cooperation efforts with T series, which has the world’s largest user base with 350 users and a huge following on various social media platforms.

Stimulated marketplace to fuel digital entertainment in the Metaverse

Backed by Hungama & Polygon, Hefty Entertainment is positioned to launch its boosted NFT marketplace. The market will mainly focus on building an innovative layout in the growing NFTverse. The project will present exciting features to expand its market and provide an exceptional experience to users in the global entertainment sector. Flink entertainment will bring millions of people to the blockchain and crypto industry through dynamic NFTs, advanced utilities, unique functionalities, intuitive user experience and first-class quality services in its metaverse ecosystem.

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