Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga survey: Powerhouse in a cutting edge symbol

If one would plot Lenovo’s development in the workstation showcase on a chart then a consistent upward direction would be taken note. The organization appears to have a firm hold on what the client needs as it refreshes its product offering up with skilled PCs. As of late, we surveyed the bulky specced yet sharp Yoga 920 Special Edition Vibes that left us with a decent impression yet shouldn’t something be said about others? The Chinese tech association’s ThinkPad PC lineup is similarly well known, particularly with the associations and experts. With the new ThinkPad X arrangement, notwithstanding, Lenovo needs to cut over another fragment – youthful experts who need greater adaptability from their versatile workstations.

One of the superior PCs in the X-Series is the ThinkPad X1 Yoga (third Gen.), which we have been utilizing as our everyday driver for two or three weeks. The workstation, similar to what we said when in our initial introductions, keeps the commonplace ‘ThinkPad’ look with the same accents and general plan however this time it is slimmer and packs in more power.

lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga titanium

The ThinkPad X1 Yoga will set you back by Rs 1,12,000 (barring charges). That is unquestionably not the value point for a normal everyday client. One expects something increasingly when a premium is being charged. By including ‘Yoga’, Lenovo has made it clear this is a hybrid gadget – with the adaptability of Yoga arrangement and the energy of ThinkPad. On paper that sounds like a powerful mix. Be that as it may, does it convert into real execution? Read our survey to discover:


Like we said over, the ThinkPad X1 Yoga keeps up the pith of what the whole lineup has been conveying since its commencement. It has the same Thinkpad logo at the corner, a similar red-shaded TrackPoint cursor and accents, all help you to remember a run of the mill ‘ThinkPad’ PC. Notwithstanding, the gadget is more convenient and has now moved on from a conventional PC to a convertible. It has turned out to be more slender all things considered yet capable from within. Be that as it may, it isn’t as thin as a portion of the ‘Apparitions’ out there so you do get a group of ports to utilize. This bodes well given the ‘business’ topic of the workstation.

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The X1 Yoga has two or three USB 3.0 ports, Thunderbolt 3 bolster, 3.5mm earphone jack with mic, 4×1 SD card peruser and an Ethernet port. Lenovo, understanding the need of business clients, has likewise given a LAN connector, in the event of some unforeseen issue.

In spite of the fact that this specific ThinkPad has gone slimmer and has lost some weight, despite everything it is shockingly sufficiently overwhelming for a convertible. We had a go at utilizing it in the tablet mode however were not able to hold it with a solitary hand for in excess of a couple of minutes.

In the customary PC mode, the console is anything but difficult to get acquainted with and the touchpad is sufficiently open with devoted catches. It shouldn’t come as unexpected that the ThinkPad X1 Yoga has a unique mark sensor as a security layer, fueled by Windows Hello.

What we found as a cunning move by Lenovo is the manner by which the console goes all level when the screen crosses 180-degrees or is shut. This is especially valuable in cases while you’re holding the gadget in the tablet mode and isn’t irritated with all the keys as they are level.


The unit we got was the one with a 14-inch touchscreen show with UHD determination, which was a euphoria amid our use. Beyond any doubt you are paying Rs 1.5 lakh for this bit of apparatus however what a great many people dislike is that at the given cost there still are bezels on all four sides, which doesn’t really give it a cutting edge look or as much immersive-ness as found in gadgets like Yoga 920.

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It is that as it may, is fresh and has immersed Red, Greens and Blues. You won’t have an issue orgy viewing your most loved shows on this PC. In spite of the fact that this PC is centred around organizations, we really loved watching recordings and playing diversions on this one in light of the Dolby Vision HDR tech. The X1 Yoga is additionally the organization’s initiative to highlight Dolby Vision seeing innovation, which gives clients the adaptability of expanded shine, extended difference and more exact hues.


You can expect the smoothest execution by the ThinkPad X1 Yoga given the ability of the Intel eighth-gen Core i5 vPro processor. Regardless of what applications you toss at it, the X1 Yoga won’t hint at any slack while running those. Our unit was the one with 16GB RAM so the heaviest of the records ran spread smooth with no impediment. Utilizing the gadget in the tablet mode was likewise a liquid ordeal. The UI does changes to an all-touchscreen interface as it does with different convertibles.

Discussing the UI, you get a similar old-yet-recognizable Microsoft Windows 10 preloaded that is anything but difficult to utilize and has all the most recent OS smarts one requires to work effectively. Since this is a business-centred machine, it has a security highlight called as ThinkShutter, which is a physical slider that covers the webcam.

We even utilized the ThinkPad Pen, which you won’t have the capacity to discover immediately. The stylus has a committed space on the correct side corner of the X1 Yoga. You can just slide it out and go ahead. The frill likewise doesn’t require a battery to work with the goal that’s one stress off your rundown.

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On the security front, Lenovo is putting forth a cluster of highlights including FIDO, dTPM 2.0, Match-on-chip touch unique mark peruser and Kensington bolt opening.

lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga


The ThinkPad X1 Yoga is a better than average entertainer with regards to battery life and proficiency. In our everyday utilization, we could extend the convertible for around 10-12 hours on light to normal use. Lenovo, in any case, asserts the incorporated Li-particle 54 Whr battery to keep running for up to 15 hours on a solitary charge. It merits including that the battery execution and utilization time may contrast in view of your use.

What should come as enjoyment is that the convertible backings quick charging tech also. The RapidCharge tech is guaranteed to convey up to 80% battery in an hour of charging. This implies an hour of charging may run the gadget for around 8 hours or more. The Modern Standby mode is likewise expected to spare more battery life than previously.


The general pith ThinkPad X1 Yoga gives us is that of a business-centred workstation with a squeeze of adaptability, precisely what the youthful, business devotees require nowadays. It has the power and it has the stealthy look that is new yet acquainted with whatever remains of the ThinkPad lineup. At Rs 1,12,000 it beyond any doubt will influence you to reconsider before contributing, yet given the general bundle, it could have been a take in the event that it was for under Rs 1 lakh. The convertible market is as of now warming up at a decent pace and Lenovo has a major part to play in it. Despite the fact that this new ThinkPad X1 Yoga would one say one is of the most capable 2-in-1 PCs out there, the inquiry is, will it have the capacity to hold the title for long?

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