Logitech’s new mechanical gaming keyboards are just the right price India News, The Indian Express


It’s been nearly five years since Logitech de affordable G413 mechanical gaming keyboard, and the company finally comes back for seconds. It just opened pre-orders for the Logitech G413 SE, an $80 gaming keyboard with replaceable keys and tactile Cherry MX Brown-esque switches. There is also a cheaper one $70 Ten Tenkeyless Model that it omits Numpad.

Unlike the original G413 keyboard, Logitech’s new G413 SE models have an understated and professional design. They also use a set of Longhua tactile switchesunlike Logitech’s custom Romer-G switches.


In particular, the keycaps on the G413 SE are user-replaceable. But you may not need to replace the stock keycaps as they are made from durable, hardwearing PBT plastic. (And yes, the G413 SE keyboards have white backlighting that shines through the letters of the keys. It’s a little hard to see in the photos.)

The last big feature of the G413 SE is 6-key rollover and anti-ghosting. This feature is useful if you need to press multiple keys at once while gaming, such as many keys at once.

You can already get the G413 SE and G413 TKL SE on the Logitech website. Both models will ship sometime in February.

Source: Logitech through The edge

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