Make the Most of Crypto Trading and the NFT Growth Story with Terraformer

The cryptocurrency market is a multi-trillion dollar space, constantly growing in length and breadth. Not only is the trading volume increasing, but the number of market participants and market facilitators is also increasing day by day.

There are more than 18,000 crypto assets in the market today, traded on nearly five hundred exchanges. While the increased volume of crypto trading is a natural consequence of the growing number of crypto assets, other blockchain-powered systems and mechanisms are also rapidly expanding.

For example, the total value locked in all combined DeFi protocols is more than $230 billionwhile the NFT market reached $41 billion in 2021. Growth in diverse streams and areas encourages platforms to emerge as an ecosystem of offerings rather than focusing on one or two high-growth areas.

Terra, the well-known network in the crypto world, which claims to have introduced programmable money for the internet, has taken a step forward with Terraformeran engine that drives the growth of its ecosystem.

Aggregate Trade with Terraformer

Trading with Terraformer is a one stop shop for every possible maneuver with your crypto assets. You can connect Terraformer online to your Terra Station extension wallet or mobile application and start exchanging coins on Terra, including the native USD Terra, KRW Terra, Eur Terra, etc., as well as other Terra-compatible tokens. You have access to a wide variety of liquidity pools to wager and earn. There are some high return liquidity attempts in Terraformer’s list. For example, the Credefi pool, where you wager CREDI to earn CREDI, comes with an APR of nearly 280% (at time of writing).

The toolkit Terraformer launched is actually the first trading aggregator on Terra, which also includes an aggregated data and analysis tool as well as an IDO database. In the process, it plans to create a superaggregator dApp that will solve some of the industry’s biggest bottlenecks.

An aggregated DEX for Terra means access to all DEXs at once instead of having to visit them one by one. This leads to the best available rate for token swaps with a single click. For the users, this means optimizing their investment in a shorter amount of time, while for the platform it would translate into more traffic and volume.

Adding liquidity is as easy as plugging in your wallet online, while you can remove liquidity when you want to get your tokens back. Terraformer also has a launch pad, where new projects can request IDOs. Projects such as DeFiato, DragonSB, and BitLocus are projects that have successfully raised funds through Terraformer.

In addition, the data and analytics data and the IDO statistics database will increase transparency in the system, making it more credible and predictable for users. These services will serve as a conversion funnel for the platform to turn visitors into potential users.

Harnessing the growth of the NFT market with Terraformer

Terraformer is also building an aggregator for the NFT space. It will bring together all NFT marketplaces on Terra and help users with single-point access from the Terraformer platform. This facility will help save time and money for consumers shopping for an NFT. The NFT sales diversity in Terraformer will be available through various formats such as direct buy and bidding.

Two NFT-powered market segments that are growing rapidly today are the GameFi and Metaverse. While GameFi already has a market size of $14 billionthe global metaverse market size would exceed US$650 billion by 2030. Terraformer’s aggregation service will help leverage growth in these areas without having to work across platforms with diversified strategies for different segments.

All of these developments align with Terraformer’s vision to provide what it takes to make the space conducive to future blockchain users. According to the plans, the platform will provide stakeholders with technology, community-based funding opportunities, a robust support network and marketing capabilities. The native token TFM that has yet to be launched and functions as the ecosystem’s membership resource leading to increased access and discount would bring more value to the holders as the ecosystem continues to grow.

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