Maximize your crypto holdings with high-yield farming on BNB100X

BNB100X is a high-yield agricultural DApp on the Binance Smart Chain. It allows users to maximize their crypto holdings by receiving a stable return on investment. The investment duration varies from 7 days to 30 days with a return of 119% to a return of up to 234%. It is one of the highest paying high-efficiency farming protocols on BSC, allowing users to live off their BNB.

BNB100X offers a wide variety of crypto investment options to choose from. It is a decentralized financial smart contract platform which is a self-executing contract locked directly in computer code. The code is immutable, meaning it cannot be edited or modified, remaining with the core program. It is not controlled by any major party and is beyond the reach of governments or banks.

Being a trestle application, people can interact directly with the smart contract without the need for an intermediary. No entity can also gain control over the system, which protects it from attack and collision resistance.

BNB100X is an authentic, high-yield investment option that is growing rapidly in the DeFi space. It is a very secure contract with no backdoor that is confirmed by a trusted audit company. BNB100X offers one of the highest return on investment in DeFi, allowing investors’ cryptocurrencies to work for them while continuing to gain their coins.

Crypto investing has never been easier than this. BNB100X will offer the same returns through bull and bear markets, making it a perfect opportunity to exit the market while it is in a downtrend.

How to get started

Using BNB100X is a simple process. With a few simple steps you can start investing your BNB and make daily returns that can be withdrawn at any time.

Make a wallet

The first step is to create a wallet with Metamask or WalletConnect. Once opened, add the Binance Smart Chain to the network

Transfer BNB and connect to Wallet

The next step is to transfer BNB to your wallet address. Users can use their existing BNB or buy BNB. Then click on “Connect +” at the top of the website.

Choose the investment duration and make a deposit

Once the wallet is successfully connected, scroll down and choose the number of days to invest as well as the amount of the BNB to invest. Click on “Invest”. A window will open in front of your wallet where you confirm your deposit.

How are crypto dividends calculated?

Dividends are calculated based on the duration selected by the user. The lowest is seven days, yielding a return of 119%. These dividends are calculated and paid every second. Investors can choose to wait for the duration of the investment or withdraw dividends by clicking the ‘Withdraw’ button. The withdrawn BNB is automatically transferred to the wallet.

Earn crypto with BNB100X referral

BNB100X also offers a withdrawal system that pays up to 5% of the deposited amount from the referred wallet. This is another way for investors to earn passive income as they get a percentage for each level of referrals. The more referrals, the more revenue.

Have fun investing!

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