Messages in iOS 16 Gets Message Editing, Deleting Features

Texting other iPhone users with iMessage has always felt like an instant messaging app. iOS 16 adds some features to the Messages app that make that even more apparent. Get ready to edit your mistakes.

First, you’ve probably sent a typo before. It’s very easy to do, especially with Apple’s autocorrect. From iOS 16 you can get rid of those errors. All you need to do is hold down and select “Edit”.

Second, it has never been possible to undo or delete an iMessage from the other person’s phone. iOS 16 also adds an “Undo Send” option to the menu when you press and hold a message. The message is removed from the conversation.

Finally, messages are marked as read as soon as you open a conversation, but what if you can’t respond right away? Or do you want to be reminded of the conversation later? iOS 16 adds the ability to mark a conversation as unread, just like an email.

Marking a conversation as unread should work for iMessage and SMS, but editing and unsending are only reserved for iMessage. Look forward to all these improvements and more in iOS 16 later this year.

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