Meta brings Horizon Worlds to the web and mobile

(Pocket Ribbon) – Meta’s Horizon Worlds social metaverse platform is coming to the web, according to a company executive.

CTO Andrew “Boz” Bosworth tweeted that, when the “web version” of Horizon launches, the platform fee will be 25 percent. “That’s a much lower rate compared to other comparable world-building platforms,” he tweeted as part of a thread explaining Horizon’s new creator fee structure. And for Horizon purchases, Meta takes a 25 percent cut of the percentage left over after any platform fees.

But all this talk about fees isn’t the most important news. Being available on the web would be a huge expansion for Horizon Worlds, which is currently only available on Quest VR headsets. Boz didn’t say when Horizon might expand to the web. But earlier this week the company revealed to the media that it’s working on bringing Horizon to mobile phones later this year.

There are even early talks to bring it to game consoles.

Coming back to that 25 percent cost: With Horizon Worlds’ web app, Boz clarified on Twitter that Meta plans to take about 25 percent. For platforms with a 30 percent fee, including Meta’s own Quest Store, 25 percent of the remaining 70 percent is needed. So for stuff sold in Horizon on a Quest VR device, Meta takes a whopping 47.5 percent of every transaction.

Obviously that won’t go down well with everyone.

Written by Maggie Tillman.

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