Metabloqs announces launch of the Metaverse project built on XDC Network.

Metabloqs has announced the debut of its Metaverse project.

The evolution of the digital environment towards metaverses has been a main topic in recent months, so much so that the popular social media platform, Facebook, changed its name to Meta in solidarity with change. A metaverse is a digital reality that combines social media, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, and crypto technology. As VR platforms are actively becoming accessible to the general population, the metaverse developments continue to be popular. However, the transition to the metaverse is slow with developers striving to create more capable applications.

Metabloqs is one of the most realistic metaverse, developed for users to enjoy their digital life in a way that is more engaging and satisfying. The project offers several benefits and use cases that are sure to impress the user.

Metabloqs is primarily a digital world that is inspired by the real world to provide users with an opportunity for meetings, conferences and concerts. In the Metabloqs, users can network, consult and be advised, trade and do business with other real people, workouts such as running, cycling, soccer and digital assets and buy virtual land.

Metabloqs spawns a unique metaverse where users can network, learn and create. The project uses a blockchain technology tailored to the diverse needs of users, capturing everyone whether they want to pick a skill, a network, or enjoy their time. Metabloqs has created a unique ecosystem and introduced a space where users have the opportunity to create, own and monetize their experiences. This is through Metabloq’s native utility token deployed on XDC Network.

Metabloqs citizens can buy land and other unique goods like NFT avatars or pets and develop their dream projects within that space. All digital assets are stored and exchanged under XinFin’s smart contract. An enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain, XinFin (XDC Network) combines the benefits of public and private blockchains with interoperable Smart Contracts to facilitate global trade and financial transactions.


Metabloqs has recognized the following groups of people as its key stakeholders:

Land Creators Digital Asset and Avatar Creators Collectors Activity Creator

Their interaction is as follows:

Product Feature

The project initiates the next evolutionary milestone after the 3D eTrain course and event platform, which is used by many companies and universities in organizing events. Metabloqs is now evolving into a trusted metaverse with extensive applications and with a real economy. It is characterized by the principle that it is a model of the real world with meta-cities like Paris and the project’s video shows how users would have a perfect experience interacting within the metaverse.

Because Metabloqs mimics the real world, users have a variety of options, including virtual land ownership, the ability to build businesses within the metaverse, and rent out their properties. It also supports teaching classes and attending courses. Most importantly, Metabloqs has integrated “Learn to Earn Token Economics”.

Even with these use cases, not everything Metabloqs is work related. The virtual world also offers fun activities such as parties, concerts, cinemas and training activities such as football and cycling. One of the most important parts of the metaverse is meeting new people for the sole purpose of creating shared experiences within the Metabloqs community.

Blockchain Technology

The Metabloqs platform was developed on top of the sustainable XDC blockchain. This blockchain is a proof-of-stake (PoS) network known for its extensive benefits, including:

Ability to handle many transactions per second (higher transaction throughput) Very low transaction fees (average $0.0001) Low power consumption (enabled by the PoS consensus algorithm)

The digital assets owned by the Metabloqs citizens are stored within a XinFin smart contract and are transferable.

Target users

Metabloqs strives to be the trusted metaverse for networking, learning, fun activities, trading and earning as enabled by its trust economy – Turn trust into tokens. As the only metaverse that combines such functionality, Metabloqs is an unparalleled avenue for differential users. This includes:

Becoming a Metabloqs Citizen: Incentives for the First Users

Metabloqs offers free XDC tokens as an incentive for the first 5,000 citizens going to the platform. XDC token is the native token for the XinFin blockchain and is among the leading 100 coins on CoinMarketCap ranks.

The project is also giving away NFT Metabloqs rewards, in the form of unique and rare land, buildings, and premium cars.

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