Metaverses in Web3 Could Be “1 or 10” Years Away: Seasoned Investor

Vladislav Sopova

Renowned investor Jason Choi, general partner of The Spartan Group, a high-profile DeFi investor, shared his thoughts on the next stages of Metaverse’s progress


Metaverses: Infrastructure, Experience Layer, Value Adding LayerExperiences instead of OpenSea links

Mr Jason Choi, veteran crypto VC investor, shared a summary of his recent dialogues with 50+ leading Metaverse products.

Metaverses: Infrastructure, Experience Layer, Value Adding Layer

according to his wirewe can better understand Metaverses as digital virtual worlds with some element of user ownership through cryptos or non-replaceable tokens.

All the start-ups he talked about fall into three categories: infrastructure (identity, “Metaverse substrate”, hardware foundation), experience layer (games, social and commercial concepts) and value-add layer (guilds, studios, marketplaces).

At its core, the typical “Metaverse” looks like an MMORPG with blockchain features. This situation is very similar to the diversity of L1s in 2017, Mr. Come on.

Play-to-earn guilds seem to him to be the greatest examples of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

Experiences instead of OpenSea links

However, he is sure that the most impressive Metaverse products are yet to come. To change the story, their developers should consider Facebook’s approach.

A comprehensive infrastructure framework could be the next game changer here:

The moonshot opportunity is to create an open alternative to what Meta is trying to create. That is, a platform on which *any* developer can build social, entertainment, work, education and commercial experiences in the world, which any user can access

As such, play-to-earn teams should focus on adding ‘real-world’ experiences to their products, such as shopping for example.

However, it is not so easy to predict an accurate time frame for creating such an experience in the Metaverse segment:

The idea of ​​a Web 3 metaverse may be 1, or 5, or 10 years away…

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