Microsoft copies the worst feature of the App Store for Windows

The app store on Windows, better known as the Microsoft Store, got a much-needed overhaul just in time for Windows 11. Soon it will look even more like the app stores on iPhone and Android – until a mistake.

Microsoft announced many upcoming features and changes to Windows at today’s Build event, some of which are related to the Microsoft Store. The store will soon be open to all Win32 applications, meaning more software can be distributed through the Store and Android apps will be available in more countries.

Microsoft also said: “Based on feedback from the developer community, we will soon be testing new developer tools to reach the right customers at the right time. Microsoft Advertising allows developers to create, run and view ad campaigns in the Store, increasing discoverability and conversion for apps is being improved.” In other words, prepare for ads in the Microsoft Store.

Ad preview in Microsoft Store (see the ‘Ad’ indicator on ‘Contoso Suite’) Microsoft

Microsoft already promotes certain apps and other content in the Store in a format similar to ads, especially on the homepage, but now the company will allow developers to run ads for their own apps. Ads are only for “published content” on the Microsoft Store, so you won’t see an ad for a Steam game or an iPhone game in the store, but you will see ads on the search page and other pages.

Apple allows app developers to create ads that appear on specific App Store searches, which usually target searches for competitor apps. The Google Play Store also has ads, but they’re not that noticeable – they can appear at the bottom of an app listing (in a section called “Related to this app”), or in searches without the big previews on the Apple App Store Search.

App Store ads on an iPhone

Ads in the Apple App Store have been the target of criticism for years, with users complaining that they are intrusive, and advertisers say they are too expensive compared to other forms of advertising. It’s unclear if Microsoft can avoid those problems to some degree, but either way, the now-improved Store is about to get a little worse.

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