Microsoft May Leave Its HoloLens Headset Despite Metaverse Push


Of all companies in the metaverse bandwagonMicrosoft seems to have the most sober understanding of how a metaverse can actually come to life. At least, that’s how it looks from the outside. A new report from Business Insider reveals Microsoft’s inability to settle for a mixed reality strategy, an issue that has led to rifts among its employees.

According to Business Insider, there are two major disagreements within Microsoft’s mixed reality division. First, workers and the highly educated can’t agree on Microsoft’s role in a future metaverse — some say the company should focus on hardware like HoloLens, while others believe a software platform for other companies’ headsets is a smarter move. .

Workers are also upset by an unconfirmed partnership between Microsoft and Samsung. If Business Insider’s sources are correct, Microsoft will abandon HoloLens 3 development and work with Samsung on a new headset. (This rumor makes sense as Microsoft moves to a software-first strategy. That said, Microsoft denies that the HoloLens is dead.)

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Microsoft employees frustrated with the company have reportedly left to join Facebook. Of course, you can take this with a grain of salt, as poaching is incredibly common in the tech industry. Plus, the ‘metaverse’ is still an emerging market, so companies are desperate for talent.

For what it’s worth, the CEO of Microsoft seems much more interested in software than hardware. Satya Nadella is known for his push for Azure cloud computing, a bet that has clearly paid off given the success of both Xbox Cloud Gaming and Microsoft 365.

nadella also claims that the metaverse is just an extension of online communities that have long existed in video games –a correct assessment. He believes that game developers will build the virtual worlds that companies are looking for, hence the need to acquire Activision Blizzard.

We still don’t know Microsoft’s long-term mixed reality strategy, but it clearly includes software and building virtual worlds. If Microsoft abandons the HoloLens and decides to focus entirely on software, it won’t be a surprise.

Source: Business Insider

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