Microsoft will stop billing inactive Game Pass members

(Pocket Ribbon) – Microsoft came up with a great idea in the form of both Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, the subscription services that offer a tempting number of games to play for a fairly low monthly fee.

It’s rightly been hailed as the best deal in gaming right now, but the fact is that even if the cost is reasonable if you don’t actually use the service, you’re paying quite a punch every year for something that doesn’t add up.

That’s something the UK government has been paying attention to, and after some negotiations with Microsoft, new changes are coming. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) prompted Microsoft to change its recurring billing practices.

In the near future, if users do not use their subscription for a period of 12 months, Mircosoft will contact them to let them know how to cancel their subscription. If they don’t use them for another 12 months, Microsoft will start canceling their fees so people don’t keep paying forever in the future.

That still means you’ll have to pay for two years for something you won’t use, but then it will theoretically stop, rather than trickle down to infinity.

This is starting in the UK, but Microsoft has confirmed that it will roll out the policy globally in time as well, recognizing it’s a good thing for consumers. It will be interesting to see if Sony or Nintendo make similar changes anytime soon, as the CMA is also investigating their practices.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.

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