More MATIC, FTX Token, LUNA Bought by whales as they keep betting on these coins

Yuri Molchan

Ethereum Whales Continue To Buy FTX Token, MATIC And LUNA As The Market Goes Green

WhaleStat’s on-chain data service shared that in the past twenty-four hours, some of the top ETH 1,000 whales have purchased large amounts of FTT and Polygon’s native token MATIC, along with some Terra Luna.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market has turned green and most of the coins, including the three mentioned above, are showing an uptick.

Major ETH Holders Continue to Grab Their Favorite Tokens

According to the recent tweets published by the WhaleStats platform, several of the largest Ethereum whales, including the 4th, have acquired 4 million MATIC, totaling $5,529,716 in fiat.

Whale ranked 105 on WhaleStats acquired 15,720,427 FTX Token (FTT) worth a whopping $637,148,906.

Whale ranked 4 bought 135,000 LUNA, the equivalent of $6,725,700.

MATIC, LINK and FTT are the crypto assets that the top 1,000 Ethereum whales have recently bet on and bought quite a few of these coins. Earlier, U.Today reported that the 297-ranked whale had bought about 3 million MATIC tokens amid the market decline.

On January 17, another ETH whale added 2.3 million to their holdings and an anonymous whale moved 3.8 million MATIC from Binance. These transactions represent the equivalent of $14.6 million.

By the way, over two weeks ago, $1.3 million worth of FTT was bought by a 506-ranked ETH whale.

Mike Novogratz bets on LUNA

Earlier, U.Today reported that LUNA is one of the crypto assets that famed investor and head of Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz is betting on. When the coin hit a record high of $100 in December, he got a tattoo to celebrate, as he had previously promised.

FTT comes second after SHIB in USD equivalent

According to WhaleStats data, the Shiba Inu token currently remains the largest USD value token held by the ETH top 1,000 whales. They hold $2.6 billion (26.43 percent of their holdings) with FTX token in second place.

The whales have $1.5 billion in FTT, which is 14.69 percent of their portfolio.

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