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National Aeronautics and Space Administration has shared a series of breathtaking images from its Hubble Telescope and Chandra X-Ray Observatory. The images went viral on social media and left users in awe.

Referring to the catchphrase of popular cartoon character Captain Planet “By our combined forces,” NASA wrote that it was able to take these images using telescopes in space and on the ground.

The agency added that it could investigate the different cosmic phenomena highlighted in the images by “combining data from telescopes that can detect different types of light.” This included the Hubble Telescope and the Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

The agency further explained that light and energy are radiated from the universe in many forms. “Chandra’s X-ray observation capability allows us to explore super-hot and energetic processes across the universe,” NASA said in the caption.

The images were shared by NASA a day ago and have since been viewed more than a million times. View the photos here:

The first image shows the R Aquarii, with two dwarf stars orbiting each other. The white dwarf star pulls material from the red dwarf star to the surface as they orbit each other, as shown in the caption. According to NASA, the buildup of material will lead to an explosion sometime in the distant future.

The second photo is of the Guitar Nebula and shows an X-ray (in pink) emanating from a pulsar. The beam is almost perpendicular to the nebula.

The third and final image shows a spiral galaxy colliding with another galaxy. The gravitational interactions between the two galaxies can lead to the formation of new stars. The image consists of X-rays (in purple), combined with an optical image created by Hubble.

Since it was posted, the photos have amazed users’ interest. Many users wrote that the photos were exceptional, while others said they were mesmerized by the beauty of the universe.

What do you think of these images shared by NASA?

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