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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is always on point with its social media game, enchanting users with the images it regularly uploads to its Instagram account. However, the latest photo posted by the space agency has intrigued many.

In its recent post, NASA asked users to identify what they could see in the image. The photo featured black and white images of what appeared to be various geometric shapes.
The space agency also provided some options as to what the images might be in the caption of its post. “A NASA mini Webb telescope, or maybe two starfighters from a galaxy far, far away?” were some of the options listed.

View the message here:

Later in the caption, the agency stated that the photo was actually from “some of the many snowflake images collected by NASA’s IMPACTS mission, which studies the snowstorms common in the northeastern US.”
NASA’s Microphysics and Precipitation Research for Atlantic Coast-Threatening Snowstorm (IMPACTS) mission uses ER-2 and P-3 aircraft to improve the overall understanding of how snow tires are formed, as well as their organization and evolution. according to the official website of the agency. The mission also aims to improve predictive capabilities for future snow storms.

In its post, NASA also explained that its mission collected these images by flying directly into snow storms. The probes and instruments that make up the P-3 aircraft can collect samples to measure atmospheric properties in storm clouds.

NASA called these planes “stormtroopers” and stated that each of these machines has specific data collection tools, which themselves can sample more than 30 million particles in an eight-hour flight. These tools include instruments that can take high-definition pictures of ice particles, take samples of crushed particles and measure their size.

NASA also stated that these planes are assisted in data collection by ground radars, computer simulations, satellite data and weather balloon launches to help IMPACTS understand the true impact of snow storms.

The image has racked up over 3.9 lakh likes since it was first posted. Several users thought that one of the images resembled the fictional spaceship TIE fighter from the Star Wars franchise. Others thought that one of the snowflakes resembled Captain America’s shield.

What do you think the snowflakes look like?

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