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The US space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently shared a visualization video on its Instagram page showing Monkey Head Nebula.

NASA shared the breathtaking video with the caption, “Discover the Monkey Head Nebula!”. The space agency also informed social media users that the spectacular Hubble visualization is located about 6,400 light-years away.

Hubble is a large space telescope launched into low Earth orbit by NASA in 1990. It depicted the Monkey Head Nebula for its 24th birthday in 2014.

Watch the great video here

Since it was shared by NASA, the unique video has racked up nearly 35,000 likes and the number is only growing. Several Instagram users have also commented on the video.

Also known as the Monkey Head Nebula, NGC 2174 is a star-forming region in dark space. In this region, the shining newborn stars illuminate the surrounding gas with energetic radiation near the center of the nebula.

According to NASAalong with strong stellar winds, this radiation erodes the lower-density gas. According to the space agency, pockets of higher-density gas resist this erosion, forming pillars and peaks along the inner edge of the roughly circular cloud.

NASA is very active on Instagram and often shares similar great videos that catch the attention of many.

In December last year, the space agency shared a clip from the Cosmic Reef, captioning it: “Underwater or interstellar?”. NASA also provided details, adding that the massive star-forming zone has been nicknamed “Cosmic Reef” because of its similarities to the undersea world.

Located 163,000 light-years away, the Cosmic Reef contains two nebulae – NGC 2014, a large red nebula, and NGC 2020, a smaller blue nebula.

Watch the incredible video here

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