Nearly $1.5 Billion In SHIB Owned By Ethereum Whales: Details

Yuri Molchan

According to recent analysis data, Shiba Inu remains the biggest asset in terms of total USD value in the portfolios of the best ETH whales; more than two billion SHIB have been burned since December

WhaleStats shared data that Shiba Inu remains the largest token by total USD value held by the top 1,000 Ethereum whales.

On January 27, FTT-SHIB and FTT switched places from time to time; However, Shiba Inu remains in this spot at press time. MATIC is the most traded cryptocurrency by the largest ETH whales at the time of writing.

Whales Own Nearly $1.5 Billion in SHIB

According to WhaleStats, the top 1,000 Ethereum whales currently have a staggering $1,450,500,335 in Shiba Inu. That’s 15.94% of their holdings. FTT is in second place here; the total amount held by ETH whales is slightly less in USD: $1,409,636,849. This is equal to 15.49% of the total amount of crypto owned by the largest ETH whales.

Oddly enough, USDC has surpassed USDT here – top-tier ETH holders own more of Circle-issued stablecoin than Tether’s USD-backed coin. The whales have $789,708,027 in USDC (8.67% of their wealth) versus $691,205,759 in USDT (7.59%).

Large Whales Grab More Than Four Million MATIC

MATIC is currently the most traded token by the top 1,000 ETH whales, and UNI is the position of the most widely used token.

Earlier today, an Ethereum whale ranked 297th by WhaleStats bought more than three million MATIC worth $4,989,732.

Later, a whale also bought in 284th place by the same on-chain data service another 1,199,985 MATIC tokens worth $1,943,975.

SHIB Community Burns 2.7 Billion Tokens

As reported by the @Shibburn Twitter handle, the newly created website that pulls data directly from etherscan has counted eight major transactions in the past 24 hours that moved SHIB to an empty wallet.

A total of 61,734,661 SHIB tokens were permanently locked as a result of these transfers.

By the way, on January 25, Twitter user @worldofao reported that a total of 194,644,388 SHIB were burned in the week between January 17-23.

In total, according to the same data, no fewer than 2,770,970,782 SHIB were burned.

At the time of going to press, Shiba Inu is exchanging at the price of $0.00002077, per data supplied by CoinMarketCap.

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