Never lose your Apple gadgets again when you enable this simple setting

The Find My app has long been part of Apple’s ecosystem. The app will help you find your missing devices even if they don’t have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. It works by using your device’s Bluetooth signals, which can pick up nearby iPhones, iPads, and Macs to send the signal back to you.

While useful, Find My can be exploited by crooks and stalkers to locate people. All they have to do is leave an AirTag on someone else’s person and follow the signal later. Apple has introduced security updates to resolve this issue. Tap or click here for our report.

Notify when abandoned alerts were introduced with iOS 15 to tell you when you’ve been separated from your Apple devices. This is different from Find My Notifications, as we’ll explain below.

Forget something?

We are people and we forget things. You can remove your AirPods to hear the cashier at the coffee shop and then leave them at the counter when you get your drink. You can charge your iPad near the library and walk out without it.

Apple’s Notify When Left Behind feature notifies you when you leave a supported Apple device, AirTag, or Find My Network accessory in an unknown location.

Apple continuously monitors where your devices are and lets you know when you’re separated from them. Unlike the Find My feature, you will be notified automatically after setting up your devices.

The feature works on iPhone with iOS 15 or later, iPad with iPadOS 15 or later, Mac with Apple Silicon and macOS Monterey 12 or later, and with Find My Items. AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and AirPods (3rd generation) require an iPhone 12 or later to be notified if you leave them behind.

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Set up lag notification

The Notify When Left feature can be found in the Find My app and is set up the same on every Apple device:

Open the Find My app, then tap Devices or Items. Tap a device. Tap Notify when left under Notifications. Turn on Notify when left behind.Tap Finished

When you leave an Apple device, you will be notified that your device has been left on one of your other connected Apple devices, along with its location. Tap the notification, then tap Continue to open the Find My app.

Set exceptions

You can set known locations to avoid getting notifications when you don’t need them:

Open the Find My app, then tap Devices or Items. Tap a device. Tap Notify when left under Notifications. Tap Home or New Location and set a place where you won’t be notified if you leave that device behind. For example, you can add your home, a friend’s house, or your workplace to this list.

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