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LEGO just announced three new Star Wars helmets for 2022, and this year it has something for everyone. LEGO has you covered whether you like Star Wars, Dark Troopers or The Mandalorian. This is the way.

In 2021 we got Darth Vader and Storm Trooper helmets, along with a fun new Imperial Droid, but for 2022 LEGO went one step further. According to brick setall three LEGO helmets are available for pre-order today and will ship next month.

Whether you’d rather join the dark side or try to save the galaxy, these three new helmets will complement any LEGO Star Wars collection. The company offers an iconic Luke Skywalker helmeta Dark Trooperand, as expected, The Mandalorian helmet complete with the metallic shine of Beskar armor.

The Mandalorian LEGO Helmet


The Mandalorian helmet perfectly captures the metallic glow of Mando’s Beskar armor. Thanks to different shades of gray, LEGO managed to mimic the contours of his helmet. The 584-piece set should be easy enough for anyone to build, but these sets are designed for adults. And while these look great, the Mandalorian helmet (and all three mentioned today) is unfortunately only about 7 inches long and just over 4 inches wide and deep. So you can’t wear one, even if you wanted to.

Pay tribute to the iconic bounty hunter with this build, along with the included brick-built stand and name tag. All three helmets are available for pre-order now and will ship on March 1, 2022.

Luke Skywalker LEGO helmet


Each new LEGO Star Wars helmet has unique elements or clear LEGO bricks to complete the look, including Luke’s. The power is strong with this one, providing builders 675 bricks to complete the Luke Skywalker (Red Five) helmet. You’ll love the stone-built microphone and interior cladding, which gives it an authentic look, not to mention that stylish translucent red visor.

Dark Trooper LEGO helmet

While I’m more of a Mandalorian fan myself, this Star Wars Dark Trooper LEGO helmet is hot. The way the helmet is tilted slightly forward in a mean and menacing pose, looking at you with those angry red eyes, is fantastic. For this build, LEGO has supplied an iconic helmet with 693 parts in the same black sheen as the real-life troopers from The Mandalorian Season 2. And like every helmet announced today, we’re presented with unique translucent red bricks for our eyes.

When you’re done building, assemble the brick-built display stand and nameplate and place it on a shelf for everyone to appreciate. Buy the Dark Trooper, or any of the three, starting March 1.

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