NFT Metaverse Pastel World is pushing the boundaries of art and technology despite the bear market

Web3 firm Krew Studios has released further details on its much-hyped NFT avatar project Pastel World, both in a lengthy Twitter wire and freshly updated litepaper.

The startup, which was behind actor/artist Jordi Mollà’s wildly popular NFT collection MASKS, describes Pastel World as the “most ambitious project yet released by the Krew Universe,” one whose multi-chain model “paves the way.” for future collaborations” with emerging crypto communities.

Manga meets Metaverse

Pastel World is the brainchild of singer-songwriter JVCKJ, formerly one-half of multi-platinum pop couple Jack & Jack, and London-based illustrator Uriah Barrett-Thomas. An NFT/PFP collection in the form of CryptoPunks, but with more utility, the series features authentic manga art and follows a fantastic storyline that ostensibly doubles as the project’s roadmap.

In a nutshell, each tokenized avatar is a “prophet” traveling through space and time, equipped only with a magical backpack, an enchanted item that must be treasured to survive in Pastel World. Over time, the metadata for each NFT is refreshed, causing a gem to appear on Prophets’ backpacks – a precious stone that determines which “zone” each character must live in. In addition, every customizable element of the NFTs will play a role in the further story.

Until quote the aforementioned tweet thread: “The creativity that permeates the knowledge filters to the planetary environment, divided into painstakingly mapped zones like Cloud9, Fairy Kingdom and The Grounded where the undead roam.”

While Pastel World came about as a result of the aforementioned artistic collaboration, Krew Studios has been heavily involved in the creative and technical process through its web3 launch studio, Krew Labs. The company’s creative agency of the same name will also handle marketing and community management in the future.

“Anyone can create 10,000 PFPs and put a theme on them, but it takes skill to create an entire universe around an NFT collection,” said Rambino, co-founder of Krew Studios. “One of the things that impressed us most about Pastel World was the lore.”

A total of 8,800 Pastel World NFTs have been minted on Ethereum and the team plans to pursue various integrations with other web3 communities, including those incubated by Krew Universe, the platform’s launch pad.

With the imminent introduction of special features and accessories hidden in Prophets’ backpacks, and the evolution of the different zones of the planet, Pastel World is believed to turn into a full-blown metaverse.

Staying bullish in a bear market

Like several other projects in the web3 space, Krew Studios is making every effort to emphasize that it is business as usual despite bearish market sentiment. The recent downturn has led to a sharp drop in NFT floor prices, with the industry still struggling to repair the reputational damage it has sustained as a result of Terra’s spectacular Crash

Frankly, Krew’s optimism about Pastel World’s success is not misleading. In addition to leveraging the talent and profile of both JVCKJ and Barrett-Thomas, the company counts on its significant production experience: Before Krew Studios shifted its focus to web3 in 2021, Krew Studios had worked on projects for clients such as Universal Music, Boohoo and Epic records.

Over the past year, the studio has expanded its team to have the necessary experience to make a mark in web3. In-house creatives include experts in blockchain, digital art and gaming, while an experienced advisory team has been brought on board to mentor promising NFT artists and brands determined to dive into the crypto world.

In the short term, Krew’s goal with Pastel World is to nurture a passionate and engaged community of token holders and traders, thereby cementing the project’s status in the growing metaverse economy. The company also builds infrastructure for emerging Web3 businesses and creates a private art collectors club, Mask World, with curated NFTs.

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