No less than 2.2 billion SHIB burned last week and today so far: details

Yuri Molchan

More than 1.5 billion SHIB meme coins were destroyed in the past seven days, while 600 million have been burned since Sunday morning – 2.2 billion SHIB in total


Nearly two billion SHIB burned in the past seven days568 million Shiba Inu disappeared since yesterday morning

SHIB fans continue to push large amounts of Shiba Inu meme crypto tokens from circulation using the technology of so-called “token burns”.

Since the beginning of last week, a total of about 2.2 billion SHIB has been burned. A quarter of it has been burned in the past 24 hours alone, according to the @shibburn Twitter handle.

Nearly two billion SHIB burned in the past seven days

Twitter account @shibburn, which represents a company that burns tokens and posts information about burn transactions from etherscan on their website, has stated that between March 14 and 20, nearly two billion SHIB were moved into dead-end wallets without the chance of never spending again. or withdrawn.

According to a tweet posted on Sunday by the aforementioned account, a total of 1,633,542,121 Shiba Inu meme coins have been shifted to dead addresses by various teams and individuals who have committed themselves to burning SHIB.

The above amount of SHIB is the equivalent of $37,979 at the current exchange rate. It took 55 transactions to burn that large amount of dog crypto.

As reported in U.Today articles last week, quite large amounts of SHIB were destroyed within a single 24-hour period: 600.7 million and 190 million. However, the previous burn was planned with the brazier prepared the previous month.

568 million Shiba Inu disappeared since yesterday morning

The same Twitter account has reported that a total of 175,109,831 SHIB tokens were removed from the circulating supply in the past 24 hours, requiring 87 transfers.

Also, an even larger number of SHIB has been moved to dead wallets today: 392,838,690 tokens in just four major trades.

Together, that’s a total of 567.9 million Shiba Inu.

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