Other people may see the embarrassing things you ‘like’ on social media

Social media is fantastic, isn’t it? You can instantly communicate with friends and family anywhere in the world, find new products and do dozens of other fun and practical activities.

However, all that fun comes with a price. Everything becomes public when we live our lives on social media, and maintaining any semblance of privacy becomes impossible. Tap or click here for 10 Facebook privacy and security settings you should change right now.

Until you get your settings just right, chances are just about anyone can see your activity online, even if it’s embarrassing. So watch out. Here’s what others can see on social media and how to hide it.

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Your ex can see you

Until 2019, you could quickly find a list of photos and posts that certain people had viewed on Facebook and Instagram. While this may seem innocent enough, do you want your ex to get a notification that you like over 200 posts and photos of him? Probably not.

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Fortunately, Facebook and Instagram got together and put a stop to this. But they can still see quite a lot. If you’re mutual friends with someone or just on the same page or group, they can see what posts you like, and you can see theirs.

While there is no longer a curated list, the information is still there. Depending on the topic, you may not want your ex’s new girlfriend or mother-in-law to see that you’ve been on a particular page or profile.

It’s easy enough to hide your likes on Facebook and Instagram, but for the record, you should consider making all your accounts private so you control who sees what and when.

Hide your likes on Facebook

Facebook has improved its privacy features in recent years, giving you a range of options to hide just about anything you want. Hiding Facebook likes is different depending on whether you want to hide general Page likes or just comments on posts. And, of course, if this isn’t good enough, you can make your account completely private.

Hide comments on posts

To hide individual post comments from the wandering eye, all you need to do is use your phone and open the Facebook app:

Open the Facebook app on your smartphone and tap menu. It’s the three-line icon in the bottom-right corner of the page.Crane Setting and privacySelect Settings. Under Preferences, tap Response Preferences. Under Hide Number of Comments, On Others’ Posts, or On Your Posts, depending on which one you want to hide.

Hide Page Likes

Open your profile page on your desktop computer. Go to More. This is at the top of the page in the menu under your profile picture. Select Likes. Tap the three small dots in the right corner of the screen, that’s the submenu. Choose Edit the privacy of your Likes. Tap the icon next to each category you want to change. This will open a menu of who can see your likes. You can choose from Public, Friends, Only Me, Custom, or Close Friends. For the safest option, select Only me.

Hide your likes on Instagram

Since Instagram is essentially part of Facebook, you can expect similar security features on its platform. With its popularity rising every day, privacy is essential. Here’s how to keep your likes to yourself in the future.

Open Instagram on your phone and go to your profile. Select the three lines in the top right corner, this step is very similar to Facebook. Choose Settings. Type messages in the search bar and select messages when they appear. Slide the switch next to Hide Like and View Counts to the right to enable it.

How To Make Your Twitter Account Private

Twitter marches to the beat of its own drum and is not the same as Facebook or Instagram. But if you enjoy your privacy and want to keep your thoughts to yourself, you can make your account private.

Open Twitter on a desktop computer. Press the three dots next to More on the left side of the screen to open the menu. Choose Settings and Privacy. Choose your account. Select Account information and enter your password. Scroll down to Protected Tweets. Click on the arrow and enable the option. Choose Protect.

From this point on, all your tweets are protected and private.

Security and privacy on the internet are essential, and this concept goes far beyond social media. Are you a frequent Google user? Be safe. Here are five ways to secure your account.

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