P2E Company To Release Trailer Of Its NEXUS Metaverse After Raising $20 Million In Funding

Singapore-based Play-to-Earn Metaverse company Affyn is all set to release the trailer video of its NEXUS Metaverse this month.

Recently, the company has raised $20 million in multiple rounds of funding, which comes not long after its public listing. Late last month, Affyn also ran a successful $10.4 million presale round. The company’s Private and Strategic rounds were also oversubscribed.

This new capital will be used to expand his team, for which Affyn hires several engineering and game development departments to advance project development.

Affyn is developing a Metaverse called “NEXUS”, which is built on a digital layer mapped to the real world – a perfect combination of the virtual and real world.

In “NEXUS” users can participate in activities based on their geolocation. Here, players can catch and train ‘Buddies’, which is a collection of NFT characters in the game. These NFTs are used to participate in quests, raids and player-versus-player combat.

Since these “Buddies” are NFTs on the blockchain, every Buddy you own is yours to keep. In addition to owning Buddies, users can train and play with them interactively. In the future, the Affyn team plans to make Buddies transferable to other games as well and they can keep their properties.

Affyn, a blockchain-powered Metaverse project with a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn mobile game, has been developing a closed ecosystem for more than a year, with sustainability at the forefront of the gaming economy.

The company uses geolocation technology, augmented reality (“AR”) and blockchain technology to create an ecosystem that is fun and practical, both virtually and in real life.

For Affyn, a broader, long-term view is essential for Play-to-Earn games, offering players the opportunity to earn rewards and collectibles simply by playing the game.

P2E games have entered the market in the same way as NFTs, which are the center of these games. According to the DappRadar StatsNFT trading volumes have grown from $100 million in 2020 to $23 billion in 2021, with gaming NFTs accounting for the bulk of the share.

But Affyn has a long-term focus and by creating a multi-income stream system, it positions itself as one of the pioneers of building a mobile Play-to-Earn model that is sustainable.

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