Play to earn game Edensol integrates Secretum Messaging and Trading dApp

With the advent of Metaverse, the popularity of GameFi projects in the blockchain space is growing, while the traditional tools of Web 2.0 seem outdated and not adapted to the conceptual step of Web 3.0. This instrumental gap is filled by a unique collaboration between Secretum and Edensol. Security, transparency, decentralization and immediacy as fundamental values ​​of Web 3.0 meet security and stability, threatened in other gameFi projects using traditional messengers.

What is Edensol?

Edensol is a revolutionary gaming Metaverse that combines fantasy action with the use of groundbreaking NFTs on the Solana blockchain. It’s a game to earn, easy to understand, exciting and fast. The main characters of the game are heroes, warriors, rangers, mages and pets. The value of an NFT character depends on the degree of personalization (special cosmetic features, number of pet types, etc.), as well as the frequency and success of the battles.

To sell and buy NFTs, players can use NSOL tokens and start trading on the Edensol marketplace. Edensol contains several types of NFTs, including heroes, the value of which depends on the level of personalization and power, equipment (swords, axes, traps, fireballs, magic spells and battle gear), eggs, and pets.

The prices of these NFTs vary depending on the value of their superpowers, their appearance, their untapped potential and the rarity of their species. Some ultra-rare NFT gear with completely unique artistic features and effects will also be tradable on secondary markets in the future.

Significant benefits of financial gaming with NFTs in Edensol

A fusion of virtual gaming with NFTs is a confluence of crypto, gaming and money. Gamification of financial systems is disrupting the traditional gaming industry as we know it. It is the next step for the crypto market and it has several strengths and advantages. The total value of NFTs skyrocketed to a new all-time high of $43 billion in October 2021.

Unlike traditional gaming, where users play to win, Edensol adopts a play-to-earn model and enables NFT’s revenue capacity, which is arguably significant. Edensol benefits from the popularity of video games, combined with unique features of cryptocurrencies. Edensol provides verifiable and constant ownership for the players. All data is stored on the decentralized public Solana blockchain, which keeps track of what everyone owns. This means that players, not the game developers, own all in-game assets, even if a server is down or the game company has technical downtime. Edensol allows players to retain ownership of all their in-game items and currency thanks to tokenization. The game becomes reality. Thanks to blockchain technology, Edensol adds real value to in-game purchases. Internal tokens and items can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies and, ultimately, real money. When a user creates an in-game account, Edensol automatically creates and associates a crypto wallet with that account, which is used to store NFTs, in addition to NSOL and other cryptocurrency. Players can transfer all their in-game NFTs to their crypto wallets at any time and then sell them on decentralized marketplaces

These aspects make crypto gaming with Edensol a source of real income for players. It can be passive income or even full time income.

Although blockchain-based cryptogaming is still vulnerable to attack. Players can lose all their belongings in a hacking incident. For example, a Discord server of NFT marketplace Fractal was hacked, causing members to scam over $150,000 worth of crypto assets. And here comes Secretum as a perfect game-changer for crypto trading.

What is Secretum?

Secretum is unique, fully decentralized, end-to-end encrypted and secure trading on the Solana Blockchain. Secretum’s main innovation is the ability to trade all crypto assets (fungible and NFTs) directly between users, through a hybrid messaging and trading feature.

Secretum features a completely anonymous and secure login process using only a user’s crypto wallet address. It is DeFi, metaverse compatible, OTC, P2P trading dApp with access to smart public channels. All data is securely stored on the independent and verified nodes in the Secretum network, with no central point of failure.

Like Edensol, Secretum is based on the Solana blockchain. So it’s fast and cheap, with low costs and instant transactions thanks to Solana’s capacity of 50,000 transactions per second and average cost per transaction of just $0,00025.

Since gameFi projects and especially Edensol are prone to cyber attacks, Secretum is a perfect detail to solve this problem and ensure the safety of users and their assets from scammers. Secretum provides a secure connection in the web 3.0 world and keeps players’ assets safe and private.

Edensol + Secretum: complementary cooperation

For example, Edensol will use Secretum dApp to ensure secure and end-to-end communication for users, while Edensol will perfectly complement the Secretum community as a fantasy metaverse and an actual money-making opportunity, combining fun action with P2E features and the use of collectible NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Members of the Edensol community will benefit from OTC, P2P trading functionality in the Secretum dApp. They can trade their $NSOL tokens and NFT gaming assets without intermediaries.

This highly qualitative partnership allows gamers to avoid scammers. All thanks to $NSOL token ownership verification, safety and security of Secretum, a brand new messenger and trading solution from the Web 3.0 era. Secretum is a solution to most DEX insecurity problems and perfectly complements the Solana metaverse and Edensol gameFi project.

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