Report: 40% of business leaders say their organization provides ‘competitive transparency’ for environmental data

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A new study commissioned by Clear data reveals that less than half of business leaders (45%) felt their company had all the data they needed to make good environmental decisions. However, 60% of these respondents claimed that the environment was important to their business. This means that many companies want to make eco-friendly decisions, but don’t have access to the data needed to make those conversations.

Quality data is essential for business decision-making, and these findings show that businesses need more data to make environmental sustainability decisions. With access to more online, public data, business leaders can achieve their sustainability goals or reach more ambitious benchmarks. The use of online, public data is a step forward in achieving these goals.

While companies recognize the usefulness of their data and are open to using it, many are hesitant to build it into larger data ecosystems. When respondents thought about how their own data could help fight climate change, 60% shared that their company-generated data could be useful to researchers, and many (79%) were also open to sharing this data if they weren’t already. Despite this, only 40% of respondents said their company made their environmental data fully transparent.

The survey included 250 companies from the US and UK. Each respondent received a questionnaire and answered it on behalf of their organization. The companies surveyed spanned a wide range of sizes and industries, and individual respondents were typically senior management or board members.

Read the full report by BrightData.

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