Rode NTH-100 is the company’s first headphones

(Pocket Ribbon) – Rode – the company known for its microphones – has stepped into a new product category: headphones. The NTH-100 is the first pair of over-ear headphones, with the product aimed at content creators, podcasters, or anyone who wants a well-balanced pair of wired cans.

The company says it’s been working on these headphones for years, and from an outsider’s perspective, it’s definitely one of those things that makes sense. After all, Rode is an audio company, it should have headphones.

After expanding its product offering for streamers and performers in recent years to include multi-channel mixers, arms and many new microphones, it now completes the picture with headphones.


They don’t have an open-back, but Rode has gone in the opposite direction: offering a closed-back design, with memory foam ear cushions designed to reduce ambient noise.

The headband and cushions are both coated with Alcantara – a premium synthetic material – with a cooling gel underneath designed to dissipate heat from your ears and head. Ear cups are also ear-shaped, designed to fit snugly around your ears.

One potentially useful feature is one that Rode calls “FitLok.” This allows you to easily adjust the headband to your head and then lock the position in place so you only have to adjust it the first time. After that it just fits the same every time.

As for all important sound, the NTH-100 features a pair of 40mm dynamic drivers custom designed and engineered by Rode to produce “extremely accurate frequency response and clarity”.


They are designed with a voice coil that uses a high voltage alloy, plus an ultra-stiff three-layer diaphragm. Combined, the idea is that they’re super responsive and durable, so you should find plenty of distortion. In addition, it must accurately respond to frequencies across the spectrum, from low bass to high treble.

NTH-100s come with a 2.4m cable, giving you the flexibility you need. However, you can also buy a shorter 1.2m cable if you want one.

All in all, it sounds like a premium offering from Rode, and with a price tag set at just $149 in the US, it’s not terribly expensive either.

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March 12, 2021

Written by Cam Bunton.

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