Ruby on Rails creator returns as he expresses his support for crypto

David Heinemeier Hansson has backtracked on his decision not to support crypto. The Danish programmer known for creating the Ruby on Rails programming language has been a staunch opponent of the crypto mission in the past. To Hansson, the ideologies behind the creation of cryptocurrencies didn’t seem to make sense in the western environment where the rule of law prevailed. That is until the Canadian Truckers Protest of 2022.

The world needs crypto

In a move that shocked the world at large, the Canadian government had imposed martial law against protesters involved in the peaceful trial of the Canadian truck drivers. However, it didn’t stop there, as the government had turned to financial warfare against protesters and supporters. From suspending crowdfunding campaigns, it has grown to going after individuals by freezing their bank accounts.

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This move by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has sparked discussions about government control and individual freedom to transact. Hansson has meddled in this debate with what can only be considered a sincere confession that he was wrong about the role cryptocurrencies can play in the west.

In his post, Basecamp’s founder outlined his past with crypto, explaining that while he saw the need for it in places like Venezuela with its crumbling economy or China with its authoritarian government, he just didn’t see the need for it in the west. . The Canadian Truckers Protest proved him wrong.

Hansson almost goes through the moves in his post which outlines not only his past with cryptocurrencies but how current events have caused a shift in his beliefs. He noted his reaction when news of the GoFundMe freeze broke, revealing that he “thought it was something another fundraising platform — one that’s less likely to partner with Canadian authorities — might be showing around.” And he was right, because another platform, GiveSendGo, filled the gap very quickly.

The morale boost from this new investment route would prove short-lived, as the Canadian government had gone one step further when it began freezing accounts of protesters and donors. This is expected to continue for months after the protests end as police have said they will continue this financial warfare against protesters and donors.

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For Hansson, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back and completely overhauled his view of crypto. Since cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any entity or government, protesters and donors don’t have to worry about their assets being frozen. Their right to transact is protected and cannot be reused in any way.

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Hansson closed his statement by admitting that he was “too hasty to completely reject crypto based on all the things that are wrong with it right now.” Admitting that right now is the best opportunity to protect the freedom of transactions.

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