Safety tip: check this site to see if your medicines have been recalled

Expired medications carry risks that you don’t want to take. Sure, you can look at the label on a bottle to find out when your medication is going to go bad, but sometimes mistakes in the manufacturing process are overlooked until it’s way too late.

You may have bad meds in your closet without knowing it. According to the FDA, expired pills can put you at risk for bacterial growth, infections, and serious illness. When authorities find out that drugs have gone bad, they issue a recall.

In other words, they give a clear warning that you should switch your medication for a safer batch as soon as possible. But communication isn’t always as quick and easy as we’d hope. That’s why you should check out this free resource that tells you about the drug recall.

View the list of recalls from the FDA

Fortunately, you don’t have to do too much heavy lifting to learn about drug recalls. When a defective medicine is on the market, it is placed on this list.

Know that not all recalls mean there is something dangerous in your drugs. Every year, manufacturers attract about 4,500 drugs and medical products, according to Pharmacy Times.

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Anyway go to and click on medicine. Then click on FDA Recalls and Safety Alerts on this page:

This will take you to a new page about recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts. It is a huge database that allows you to filter by product type. You will learn which brands were removed, when they were added to the list and what the problem was.

If you don’t want to constantly return to this page, you can sign up for updates in the future. Enter your email address here.

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